3s in UCR commons?

i was wonderin if the ucr arcade had 3rd strike…

this should be in the matchmaking forums.

yea it does. and we’re really good :slight_smile:


Oddly enough…my cousin started going to UCR like a few months ago, so I know they gotz 3s there…

Still, wrong forum.

goody…when do you play?

Lies. We suck. We can’t even do cr.short, cr.short, super with Ken at all.

People usually play from lunchtime till the evenings. Come during the weekdays between the hours of 12 noon and 5 PM and you’ll find people playing there.

or just go anytime and you’ll find sherwin. Asian guy who plays a really good dudley and clean you out your cash cuz he carries too much of it to the commons.

how are the machines? are the sticks good? and furthermore, do i have to be a student or present some kind of i.d to get inside the commons???

just so happens im a pretty damn good dudley player myself! hope to meet him!

Fuck that, I might randomly show up there one day this week…what day does the commons close? I can use it as an excuse to visit my cousin who goes there.

The machine is those big showcase cabs. 50 cents to start if no one’s playing, 25 cents to continue if you get your money in before the timer reaches zero. The sticks are good enough to do combos and stuff on it. And no, you don’t have to be a student nor present some kind of ID to get inside the Commons.

I destroy Dudley’s for free. :wgrin:

Commons is open during the weekdays (as long as school is in session) from 7 AM (who the hell plays at 7 AM?) till they close around 8 PM (but 7 PM on Fridays). People usually play during lunch hours and afternoons, so go during those times to find some competition.

look for this azn guy who plays a scrubby makoto, he does wake up super and dash grab u all day lol. and for sherwin, he has enough quarters to buy the machine, so have fun playing them.

lol Brendon

I don’t have that many quarters- haha

tgs: you destroy duds for free? w/who? chun? if so, not surprised! i’ll give you a run for your money regardless…:smile:

Where’s the best parking? Do you have to pay to park if you’re not a student? Where should I park if I plan on going to the commons. =\

I suck with…everyone.


3s sucks

I agree.

Tekken is where it’s at now.

:rock: Remy rulz :rock:

Sup iwst

sherwin sucks
fuck you sherwin.