3s for pc

Are there any other online emulators besides supercade for third strike?

arclive, ggpo doesnt exist anymore so dont play on it

ggpo doesn’t exist? what?

ya they took it off after the release of OE, it had a decent player base too. Im sure capcom didnt have anything to do with it nor the greedy assholes who run ggpo

you’re actually unaware. 3s still exists on ggpo. ah i’ve said too much.

play karnov instead

i can never log into gppo, explain

I can. Explain.

are your ports forwarded? latest adobe air installed?

We all dropped 3s for karnov, its a much better game.

it has nothing to do with ports, i cant log into ggpo period

When I used to play GGPO in 2010 I had that same problem. The button to log on would do nothing when I clicked it sometimes. Only waiting really worked. Eventually the log on button would just start to function again.

There’s a new version of the program, maybe upgrading will help. I have had this log on problem for as long as I can remember. It’s not exactly worth logging onto anyway.

Yeah the login lag is pretty normal, just press the login button once and wait a couple of seconds, it should log you right in and display the lobby or w/e game you last played.

Sounds like wrong username/password (all the log-in fields are case-sensitive).

Does anyone actually still play karnov on GGPO? I haven’t been on since OE came out. I like OE, but it’s hard to find good people. At least on GGPO i can visually identify and challenge people I know are good.

Fuck yeah people still use Karnov! GO GET SOME MATCHES IN!

I haven’t played Karnov in a while, but I’ve played 3s in the Karnov room.

Oh shit I said it!

Someone needs to make one of those petitions for 3soe to come on pc. Who knows maybe capcom will improve the netcode if they make it.

LOL no.