3S: Elena's Brave Dance Corner Reset

Anybody know which characters this works on? I’ve been lazy, but I know it works on Q, but I don’t know who else it works on. I’ve tried it on one of the shotos (can’t remember which), yun, alex, urien, gill, hugo and it does not work on any of them or it could just be that I’m not trying hard enough.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a brave dance done on a cornered opponent then after the super they are reset so you can tack on an extra hit. In a match vid vs. Q, elena adds an extra crouching strong. I’ve tested that you can also add an extra hit through a standing strong, a standing forward, a crouching forward, and an EX Spinning Scythe (which should be followed up with a crouching strong reset into whatever mix-up, throw stuff you know). You could also do some other stuff after the EX Spinning, like an EX Rhino Horn or Scratch Wheel, but I like using the crouching strong to reset.

It probably works on chun li, since she falls almost as slow as Q, and it works on hugo, because he was in the video where it was demonstrated. If abel is watching, correct me if I’m hallucinating on that last bit.

What you should really be wondering is whether or not the damage is worth the meter, because if you do an ex spinning scythe, you lost a super meter you might have had, or an opportunity to do it when they were on the ground and where you’d have a chance to do hella good damage. The extra normal is obviously worth it, but be careful because if they have a super they might use it after the reset thinking you want to mix them up (about which they’d be right in many cases).

I know after you hit all characters with the SAII in the corner you can do a fierce? I am not sure what it is called but the upper cut kick move. I know this works for sure on all cornered apponents.

Yeah, I remember the vid, and I don’t think it was worth the meter, especially when there are plenty of uoh distancing tricks to be done!