3rd Strike sprite needed

could somebody plz get me some 3rd Strike sprites plz
perferably akuma:p

ryu hadou master (i think) made this…

EDIT: nope, i think it was beeman


http://gallery.cybertarp.com/albums/userpics/20781/SF3 Alex Rip.gif

http://gallery.cybertarp.com/albums/userpics/20781/SF3 Akuma Rip.gif

I have the akuma stance thats on Frankies site( Fighters Generation) claned from a long time ago I think. If I can get it from my cousin.

I dont care if ya use these, You can edit ou text and colors, Just dont say you ripped and cleaned em.

Dude, they’re are like 2-3 3rd Strike Sprite/screen threads going on in this forum. USE YOUR EYES.

Er…crack bad for me. Wrong thread.:eek:

i know there is…i needed akuma…and i couldnt find a thread with an akuma sprite…so i made this thread

You ever thought of ASKING IN THOSE THREADS?

Common sense, what’s that?

Edit: Forgive me, that was a little too much. Just saying though, that didn’t occure to you, to ask in those threads? I mean, that’s what they’re there for.

well the only one that i sall was specifacly made for makoto…and i didnt need sprites of her…does it really bother u that much anyway?..if it does…then sorry…calm down bro