3rd strike riddle: 4



Autocorrect super???

ggpo rollback?

Why are people flagging this? Don’t y’all remember SpoR’s riddle series?

Dyne is sooo fucking random that not even the computer can keep up with his randomness… lol

The missing super bar in the second screenshot gives it away.

How is there some red from a hit on Chun 1st screenshot?

Probably a half frame/missing due to youtube framerates, & she’s already being fireballed by SA1. Or press esc to exit fullscreen. 2nd screenshot all the damage is missing too, no red.

I guess we don’t have a GGPO videos thread to just put this post in there with a check this out timestamp, “I thought this was cool in our match, I never seen it before, I saw this when freeze framing it, watching it later”

Yeah he doesn’t participate much outside his own threads, or follow the why is lance testing delay/lag but he’s not a bad dude otherwise? He could explain what he wants us to talk about or see here, including what he-himself wants to talk about a little better than just drop 2 pics, unluckily dyne is in both.

SHUT THE FUCK UP LOUIS “Chun crouch jab is 1 frame, scrub”
“I shit on hax cuz he messed with my friend mixah,” mixah goes on to say he hates your guts. There goes that.

“2 bad neighbors”

I don’t know how to explain anything in those pictures, mainly the purple Gouki art though XD I’ll post some info about that red damage in the frame data thread, maybe you’ll be interested.

Why did the super do so little damage? Lol

She spiked it or kicked it in some way.

Purple Gouki art is what got me.

Also, I can see Dyne’s panties in both screenshots.

SF2X super gouki

up down stay on cammy then go up again or whatever the fuck code. Complicated.

“Vagina tax.” Return. :wonder: