3rd strike revamped tier list

Has anyone seen this because i think this was done in like December?


ya old news : P. Don’t entirely agree Chun is better than Yun, but since Ken is the most played character in 3s it makes sense :looney:.

Remember that these ratings are based on the results from actual competitions.

Wow, urien is taking some big hits in the tier list. Wasn’t he like 5th at one point?

Yeah…Yang and Akuma are pushing up over him now. They just have better options without meter than he does. Aegis is why Urien is anywhere near top tier. That’s pretty much it. He’s pretty average without Aegis. Even then there aren’t too many matchups in the higher tier that Urien has the advantage in. Both Yang and especially Akuma beat Urien matchup wise and have another matchup or 2 that they do better than Urien in overall. Urien has to really work the Aegis to compensate for the lack of matchups that he actually has any real advantage in. Yang and Akuma even without meter are pretty scary and have ways of confirming damage from any attack height even without super meter.

Urien has always been overrated. It just happens that very skilled players like playing Urien (who doesn’t think RX is a total badass?), and he has the potential to do huge amounts of damage. He’s not a very well rounded character. Ask any Urien player. Yang is clearly above him, and Akuma beats his ass so bad in their matchup he edges him out.

I think Urien is the most well rounded character in the game. He goes in with a 4 against each of his worst matchups including the top tiers, yet manages to never have an advantage above 7. Despite his unique set of tools (which you might think would make him too good or bad in certain matchups), he has what it takes to compete against anyone without a big advantage for either character. Too bad most of the other characters didn’t turn out like him.

Well said, Urien is capable of defeating any character. Players like RX has proven that his ‘tier’ is irrelevant. I believe that Capcom was trying to do the same for twelve with his mobility and unusual trickiness, however it wasn’t really perfectly done. Urien is also unusual but Capcom made Urien work.

Well, you’re using well rounded in a very unconventional sense. I think a better phrase would be “well balanced.” What I meant by well rounded is the characters individual strengths and weaknesses. Ken is well rounded because he has no real glaring weaknesses. Urien’s strengths like his ub’s, big damage juggles offset his weaknesses, like weak wakeups, and lack of “on the fly” type big damage bnbs.

No, they’ve proven he’s an upper tier character. How can you prove a ‘tier’ is irrelevant when they are determined after the games?

What I meant was, because of the well balanced-ness of Urien, there is a chance that tiers becomes irrelevant, because Urien can use his unusalness to be ‘upper tier’. The same could have happened for Twelve except Capcom didn’t make his unusualness perfect enough.


Capcom doesn’t make tiers, the players do. Tiers are decided upon based on how the players feel about how good a character is, and people like RX performing well with Urien have contributed to his tier placement. His performance is not in spite of the tier placement, but exactly what it is based off of!

? I don’t quite get that.

He means RX being a god doesn’t change Urien’s place relative to the rest of the cast. Urien and RX are separate entities. Statistically, Urien is always gonna be where he is because of the matchup chart.

My mistake. Well even so, both of those are directly related. I always prefer when each character has their individual flaws that make them unique, and force them to go into each matchup with a different approach. I guess Urien also fills that criteria since his weaknesses are so clear, yet it’s possible to get around them regardless of the opposing character.

I know games like AC find some sort of chaotic harmony by making all the characters good with tonnes of useful options, but I never felt that 3S is supposed to be that way.

And in a moment of self-stroking and deja vu, I found some old post I made where I said pretty much the same terrible thing! Guess I’m running out of material.


3S is perfect.

Agreed. It makes for more interesting strategy when you have to offset your characters weaknesses. Not that I think no well rounded Ken-esque characters should exist, but if every character is that way, the game is boring. It’s really a beautiful thing when you see someone play with such skill that you don’t even notice the characters weaknesses in the match, or even better, when the characters weaknesses become strengths. Like seeing an Oro outpoke a Chun…that’s just magic, or the Chun is total trash :rofl:

You must remember, however, that regardless of the character, it is still possible to win with that character. (eg. Twelve or even Sean for this matter can win over any Yun or Chun Li)
The potential is there, simply that Twelve would win over Yun in a different way to winning over Chun Li. And Sean would have a different way. And this also depends on the player.

I personally, however, prefer Twelve’s trickiness to Sean’s flashiness.

Yeah…I guess the players’ skill does matter more, but see, the higher the skill levels get, the less likely it is for any competent Yun or Chun to lose to a Sean or Twelve. I won’t compare myself to top players, but here’s what happens with me:

I play all shotos, sans Akuma, pretty regularly. I have this one Chun player down here, who on a good day I’ll be trading wins with. However, the increase in difficulty when using Sean is so ridiculous that I have to rely on his brain going to sleep. I end up doing random and unconventional stuff to keep him on his toes, and that can only work for so long before Sean’s crappiness sets in. I end up just going back to my main ,Ryu, to even keep the match within reach .

Urien is a gimpy character without aegis. In all actuality, his tier placement as of now probably reflects reality more closely than before. Urien has a shitload of weaknesses, and aegis is what places him so high. You can’t say it’s his outstanding wakeup dp, or his high priority jabs. No, as a character Urien is a little above average at best. It’s the people that use him that make him so well-regarded. Without RX, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t give as much thought to Urien as they do now.

I think I totally agree with chun being the best in the game seriously because yun barely gets by that match. lol Look at the numbers 6-4 yun’s favor heh barely.

It is. Even with its imperfections.