3RD Strike Ranbats

im gonna start holding 3rd strike ranbats on sunday nights at 9pm eastern time
im not gonna bother with the irc channel cause no more than 3 others besides myself ever show the fuck up there
so if u want to play just show up in godweapon at the designated time
it will be single elimination and best 2 out of 3
finals will be 3 out of 5

no more double elim tourney for me online i dont have the patience to keep track of where people go for 20 min at a time anymore

if i can get more people on a specific night let me know and maybe we can do 2 of these a week

So that means ST ranbats have been scrapped?

I’m telling you, make an IRC chatroom so that people can hit it up.

How’s your ping on my server? emgio.com

yes they have do to 2 many people screaming ds right as they lost
this new mame i havent had any mid game ds problems
if it does ds its instantly and u know cause if u are 2nd player u will be first player when u start

IRC chatroom is a good idea…it opens a whole new possibilty for structure and organization…
if u start having the ranbats im in…I’ll be forced to miss a few every other week due to local ranbat
i want to see this community thrive…if there is any assistance needed I will do my best, that goes to you too Rival

i’d do this but i work sundays

These Online fights, the community is getting smaller and smaller, Rush, consider making a chan on IRC for online mame battles, isn’t the CPS3 Emulator still glitchy and shitty? 3S<>ST That’s the way it should be, just don’t dump a game because somebody droped at the last moment, it’s better off if you were moderating the games rush to determine the victor instead of somebody who drops.

no not someone 3 ranbats in a row i had at least 2 people do it over and over till i just forfeit the match to them

and if i had to start watching matches i wouldnt be able to play myself
and it adds lag to the matches so fuck that

people treat these things like its offline and they about to lose money so they cry foul fuck that shit

Is this going to be on the DaRoms server? Never done it before so do we all just chat in the lobby or meet in one room and branch out and do our matches?

Thanks for doing these RushedDown

Awww yeeeeuh folks better watch out because Deadpool135 and Vega are taking this shit each week that we play. Ain’t that right, buddy? :smile:

ranbats, nice. does the past 2 tournies count for points?

and also, can we do team ranbats/tournies too? would be hot shit.

im in if this is in the emgio.com server.

I WANT IT!!! perfect time for me

Awww yeah, I better not miss one!

Ill play : )

Watch out, everyone… Sean has your number!


“I’m telling you, make an IRC chatroom so that people can hit it up.”

It’s a lot easier to keep track of things this way. And set some ground rules as well. People need to be available when it starts and people that are gone for a certain amount of time need to be dq’d. This isn’t a ffa ranbat or anything but general guidelines need to be applied. Yesterday’s tournament, a couple of people didn’t know who was fighting each other and the guy I played didn’t show up until 10 minutes later. If you need help we will just let us know.

Not to mention I didn’t even know that there was a tournament yesterday. Even a centralized website would be good. Anything but that piece of shit chat that kaillera has.

It’s so clouded you can’t even tell what’s happening. With IRC you can code a script with colors or even just have a decent, civilized talk about what’s happening.

If this is going to represent the whole kaillera community(which I think you’re shooting for) you need to have something a LOT more organized than a post. Check the GGPO ranbat thread for an example on how to do it.

haha yah wtf…i wanted to play a tournament real bad and never even knew it went down :confused:

what server is this going to be on?