3rd strike on ps4/steam?

With the recent release of sf5 maybe Capcom can release 3rd strike on pc and ps4. With the talks of testing the waters for cvs3 they should make a cvs2+3rd strike+super turbo collection. 3soe is fine for offline play but the online is a far-cry compared to how it works in sf5.

Fightcade is a good alternative but compared to the old ggpo it runs worse also a lot can be done with the new online tech and a dedicated team behind it.

A game like this will bring in a lot of new players some of which would hopefully stick around for the long run. What do you guys think?

No, it won’t.

Ok mein

whats wrong with ggpo/fightcade

ive been saying to port the dreamcast super turbo to steam with GGPO netcode, fix the aspect ratio and some of the input delay and the other misc problems.

How about testing the waters fixing the terrible input lag on CvS2 on PSN and giving it rollback.

Theres nothing wrong with fightcade, ggpo just ran better when it was active. Fightcade is still playable but it could use improvments.The player numbers while impressive compared to the old days could be a lot more. If there is an official game from Capcom I think they can do better than fightcade and ggpo.

The version on psn is the ps2 version I don’t think they would bother patching an old official release.Its a good idea though. Do it like Iron Galaxy did with 3soe, take the base game from the ps2 improve it and port it to new platforms.