3rd Strike on pc?

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard about them bringing an official Third Strike to steam or anything? It would be great, there doesnt seem to be a big community on the 360 as I hardly ever seem to get any matches and something official on the PC would be great. They have done it with old guilty gear, KOF so why not third strike now?

It would be good to know if there was any news on this :slight_smile:

I dont think itll happen since there so much emulation on pc for the old games. With fightcade people can play against each other online, and you can use lua scripts and cheats to make good training modes.

Yeah I understand that alot of people play Street Fighter 2 turbo etc on PC using methods like that. I just figured as its pretty damn popular still I think they could just kind of… port the xbox/playstation one? and considering GGPO already runs on PC’s anyway. Plus you dont have all of the different training options and graphical changes for the original versions over the updated one

Edit: Just realised you said about training modes, its effort though aint it haha i’d rather pay for a well done steam version

not sure I see much point. what’s the upside of this over current available options?

Because its not available on PC thats all, I’ not a fan of playing on my xbox, not only that but I can sit in ranked for over an hour and not get matches with anyone so I would hope that it would bring more players in being able to just grab it on steam

Yeah, I agree with Sure_you_can. I don’t think that there would be any inherent advantage to having 3S on PC - in fact, due to the way some operating systems handle USB input it may be worse than consoles (but that’s something I’m not really qualified to comment on).

It’s just a platform that I personally use a lot. If it wasn’t for 3S on the FBA emulator, I wouldn’t be here, actually. So it would be nice to have a more accurate option for 3S play.

Sorry to say it is never going to happen because the money is not there to be made.

The current PC options are garbage for online. And there’s the possibility of having an official port that, even if it’s not arcade perfect at release, it could be modded to be possibly made so. Oh, and not having to use ghetto methods to make a training mode. >_>

The problem with this game is that there IS no widely available, agreed upon definitive version of it that isn’t an arcade board and how many (US) players have available arcades/money for a board?

This is mainly because Capcom made a deal with Sony.
Look at sf5 for instance.
So it will probably never happen, unfortunately.

But SFV is coming out for Windows. Whatever deal Capcom has made with Sony, it doesn’t prevent them from releasing games on PC.
The reason it’s never going to happen is because it would actually make people happy about their games, which Capcom seems to be allergic to.

Damn, you’re right ! I forget Sf5 is coming out for Windows.

Hum…what kind of reasoning they had then ?