3rd strike near cincinnati?

hey, i’m near cincinnati for job training
any arcades around here have 3rd strike?
i live around milford

I don’t know of any arcade action down there – Eastgate might have one fighter, not really sure. Cincy area has a couple players, but they don’t post very much (Chris Rose).

gameworks is the only place i know of

I’m trying to pick up 3s. But I’m fucked before I ever begin since I have no comp. It is/was the same story with MvC2. I’m stuck playing the computer on a DC. Won’t help me much against a good player, I doubt, but at least I understand combos, priority and I can develop my speed/execution. I don’t think there’s anyone outstanding in 3s down here, though.

where?? in indy??

lol you havnt played many ppl thats for sure.

:lol: Ghaleon, I have 2 laugh @ ur post b/c it’s true. I think I’m one of the only few peeps that post up here @ SRK from the Cincinnati area. You hardly ever see Chris Rose, Josh Queen, or Derrick (Legend 2) post up on here.

Kevin, 2 help answer ur question w/ 3s play in this area, around here, there’s not 2 many arcades that have fighting games. I work @ Gameworks in Newport, KY, & all they have there is Tekken 5 & Virtua Fighter 4.

Other places that have arcades around here don’t have a good selection of fighting games either. That’s why a lot of the peeps that do play fighting games around here usually just travel 2 each other’s places or 2 tournies in order 2 play fighting games.

U r in luck Kevin b/c there’s a good # of ppl around here that do play 3s. My friends I mentioned in the 1st paragraph above like 2 play 3s, & I know a couple more ppl around here that like 2 play the game as well.

Send me a PM & leave ur cell # on there 2 get in touch w/ me if u wanna chill w/ all of us sometime & play some 3s & other fighters. We’re gonna get some ppl together this Saturday around here 2 play some fighting games, so let me know what’s up w/ u, & I’ll give u a call back 2 let u know what’s up.

Hope this helped u out some Kevin. Peace. :china:

yo nigga im havin a tourny, you better show up and bring some friends, its gonna be big. Lots of REALY good cvs2 and 3s playing, plus ill give you some free xanax, and some free methadone, plus some free cheif, plus a place to stay, im telling you, my house is gonna get hype before/after the tourny

Wondering if any of you would be interested in a console tourny in St. Louis. I have a nice venue ready and now im just trying to get a show of heads so to speak. From stl alone we should have about 10 in each game, about 25 in tekken. Im thinking of holding the tourny in early december or january.
Right now
MvC2, 3s,GG, CvS2, ST, T5, PuzzleFighter

Shits gonna be hype, anyone down?

Think you can take the stl tekken crew? Roll your shit down here.

Ready to take on the feared NKI chun li in ST?

Ready to face the dominator rush down from AKS216 in CvS2?

Down to face the god like Aaron(AKA) in Guilty Gear?

if your interested post in the stl thread, after a week or two of gathering interest and hyping up ill post an absolute date. Please post in the stl thread if your interested, im trying to make this a big one.

I can also house, likely up to like 15-20. Those ill be housing are in for a treat, high grade weed, drink, and of course home made breakfast before the tourny. Ask anyone whos stayed with me(ex Mycha Leonhart comes to my mind from cleveland), the hospitality is that of a **** four star hotel. So no paying for room. Only expenses will be tourny entry, gas, and food that isnt breakfast(as long as you stay with me, we be eating good in the morning before the tourny.)


From dry ridge kentucky

can you guys kindly post the address of these places where I can play 3rd strike. I am in dry ridge ky, no arcades around here for me to play 3rd strike. it seems like cincinnati is the closest but from reading you guys’ conversation, I still have no clue on where is the exact location.
I am an Ibuki player, i would say i am a good ibuki player, would be very happy to play with different people in ky.

please give me a message or email if you can.
Thank you very much
cell phone:917-340-8298
email: [email protected]

hey man, are you still in kentucky?
can you tell me where i can play 3rd strike. thanks

Instead of bringing back a post from '07, you could have just posted in this thread: Cincinnati/Dayton/Northern KY

But to answer your question… The only arcade I know of is Arcade Legacy, formerly Arcade Legends.

thank you for your reply, do you play 3rd strike?

But to answer your question… The only arcade I know of is Arcade Legacy, formerly Arcade Legends.

hey man, can you tell me the address of this arcade? how do i get there?

Mr. Google can help you.

10 years or so later and here I am. I’ve almost played 3rd Strike for 2 years now and am wanting to make a scene around the Louisville area and I’m hoping on getting to host event an event as a Jazzy Circuit ranking event! If anyone is from Kentucky or anywhere close and would like to play some games (I have 3rd Strike on PS4, Switch, and Xbox 360) or help me feel free to contact me!