3rd strike machine in hayward high quality

Heads up high score in hayward on b street has a 3s machine almost new. The place charges 5$ for all games for 1 hour and 10 for all day. It has alot of emulator machines too that plays alot if neo geo fighters and cps2 games.

Thanks! Definitely will check this place out if they have 3rd Strike.

Visited high score in hayward, and 3rd Strike is running in Sega Net City (FULLY RESTORED). Bad thing is that it is in a corner hard for 2 player at the same time.

I went last Saturday afternoon and no one was playing 3s. Sticks and buttons worked good though but not worth the trip to play the computer

Agree. Maybe some kind of coordination is need of when? Popular time perhaps

Was anyone playing when you went?

I can only make it on Saturdays and can provide decent competition.

Saturday sounds good, how bout next Sat 2/4?

2/4 works for me. What time is good for you?

Depends wat time they close… 5pm?

I think it’s 10pm but not sure. Yeah I can do 5pm

Sweet, see you there.

This place also has a couple different CPS2 arcades that have the various SF2 incarnations and maybe MvC1. I think those arcades have Happ parts, though.

On my way

Ill be a little late, sorry hit a bit of traffic

It was nice meeting you. Wish I could have provided a better challenge for you. Hit me up when you head back to LA.

Same to you, had fun. I don’t know if it will be any time soon but I’ll definitely let you know.