3rd Strike: General Question

If you play through arcade as one person, but switch to another to fight Gill, whose complete does it count as?

the character u swtiched for, not sure tho, but thats what i did to beat the game with all the characters on the console version

The switched character, otherwise why would it show you their ending rather than the original selected character?

Oh, does it show you a unique character ending for each person? I thought it was just “BAM, GAME OVER”.

I only JUST got the game, all I have been doing is training mode with Dudley.

If you switch characters you don’t unlock the costumes, nor does it count as a completeion on your quest for the system direction and Gill.

As far as I know, for the PS2 SF:AC, when playing 3rd Strike whoever you beat Gill with gets their secret color unlocked. At least that’s what I did, just murder the computer with Chun, get to Gill, lose, switch chars and unlock their stuff.

Wait a sec. I’ve always thought that you **weren’t ** allowed to switch characters to get Gill. You had to beat Arcade Mode with just that character only to unlock their extra outfit colors.

Consequently, beating the game with all the characters (and having unlocked their extra colors) will get you Gill. At least that’s what i did.

you can… that’s how i did it with twelve… worked up to gill with chun, cuz u can get tehre fast… and beat it with twelve

Are you absolutely sure? Given that my version is the X-box Street Fighter Anniversary Collection version?

Cape, I’m wondering the same shit…

Sorry but you’re mistaken.

One can change characters and still get the endings, extra costumes, system direction pages and extra options as long as one doesn’t mess with system direction (one can even change difficulty/time limit/damage/etc, it doesn’t matter).

That’s how I unlocked everything in the game (I have both PS2 and Xbox versions, BTW). I’d just pick Ken, play all the way until the last fight against Gill, let him win and then switch to whatever character whose costume I wanted to unlock. Nice, quick and easy.

Yeah as long as you keep system directions off, the character that beats gill gets the win. It works like that on DC too if you’re wondering.

Same here. As everyone else says, it’s whoever you beat Gill as who gets the extra costumes, regardless of how many losses/who you were playing as beforehand.

Alright, thanks for the confirmation guys.

If you wanna unlock everything in a jiffy:

Set rounds to 1, damage to high, and choose any character with a command throw.

The computer will allow itself to get hit by command throws on wakeup over, and over, and over, and over. Even Gill!

3s computer is stupid.

If you want to unlock everything in a scrubby and stupid way:

-Pick Ken;
-score a knockdown;
-if you don’t have meter - UOH, HP Shoryuken
-if you do have meter - UOH, SA3;

HP Shoryuken & SA3 have enough invincibility to beat whatever your opponent throws at you after they block the UOH. The only thing you have to watch out for is characters who like to uppercut on wake-up such as Dudley & Elena.

And yes, the CPU is pretty stupid.

lol, Q’s c.mp owns Gill all day long! try it!