[3rd Strike] Can't Cancel into Supers

So I heard somewhere that one of the common moves for Dudley is to duck kick then cancel into Corkscrew Blow. I don’t know what it is, but I’m having a real hard time pulling this off. I can pull off a fireball like it’s nothing, and I can usually pull off the super 4 out of 5 times if I’m patient. Canceling into these supers are really hard for me to do. How should I go about doing this? I’m using a custom fight stick with a Hori Hayabusa joystick on Fightcade.

The easy way to do it is to do the half-circle forward for the ducking first, and then follow that up with a quarter-circle motion. Since a half-circle motion also includes a quarter-circle, the game registers it as two quarter circles.

Some examples in actual combos of how the input works(these notations may be messy, sorry about that):

Sweep - MK ducking xx ducking upper xx super:
c.HK - HCF + medium kick xx medium kick, then input QCF + punch.
(same goes for starting this combo with s.HK xx EX MGB)

s.HK xx ducking xx super:
s.HK xx HCF + kick, then input QCF + punch.

tldr: first input a half-circle, then follow it up with a quarter circle.

Interesting… will this work with a DP motion?

Yup, you can do thing like dp+P to qcf+P and you will get DP into super. This is one instance of input buffering.

So I’m practicing this in training mode on my PS2 emulator (I don’t have an Xbox or PS3), and I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, but I’m doing both HCF K, K, then QCF P and DP P into QCF P, and it’s not working. Haven’t tried it on Fightcade since I’ll need to use savestates, but I’ll see if I can try that later. Maybe it’s different on Online Edition?

As a side note, I figured out a quick way to do the DP motion. I just press F, then 2QCF while quickly pressing P twice can DP into super.

you cannot use the buffering trick for ducking upper xx super because there is too much time between the hcf ducking input and the super input. the shortcut is intended to make quick cancelling easier, which is why it has a short window. do the ducking upper, then do the full super motion. do not rush it or you’ll cancel the first hit of the ducking upper by accident, resulting in less overall damage. aim to cancel the second hit when dudley’s arm is fully raised.

your way of doing dp xx super sounds sloppy. you will eventually build bad habits if you’re always thinking “i must do f, then qcf twice.” don’t combine two separate concepts into one and then divide them again into an unnatural form. do the proper dp motion with the required button, then qcf. associate each motion with the move it is attached to.

It was very hard, but I think I have the timing down. I did it for ducking xx super, and it seems to be alright. DP motion works too. The timing window seems to be very strict, like you have to input it way before it happens. So I guess I’ll have to train my muscle memory for it now.

The trick seems to work, but you’re saying it’ll do less damage? I’ll try not to use it for that, then.

Noted. I’ll try not to use that again.

In third strike, DP + P, QCF + P won’t actually cancel your DP into a super unless you naturally hit the forward button after performing a DP. You could do F, QCF + P, QCF + P and make use of the fact that the DP motion has priority over QCF motion if you want.

Is that the case? I tried to naturally do DP then QCF and it seemed to work.

From what the last guy said, it seems like bad muscle memory. Can anyone confirm this?

the muscle memory of doing that is fine, since you get the same result. the combo will still work. it was the mental aspect of combining it that way that i was opposed to. some new players get attached to their rote commands and struggle to improvise when need for it comes up.

im not sure if you were asking if the shortcut itself reduces damage, but it doesnt. i just meant that the combo does more damage when the second hit is cancelled, and you can’t use the shortcut for that.

ive never been aware that dps need to have an f to make use of the shortcut, but it is possible. frankly, ive been playing for years and never noticed. however, in 3rd strike, super motions can end on d/f, so the last qcf can be pretty half-assed if you want, but i wouldn’t recommend getting used to that if you plan on playing other games. in sf4, super motions must end on f, and a lot of 3s players hated doing certain things in that game because of it.

Yeah, I kind of figured that. Thanks for trying to clear it up, though.

So I guess oddly enough, if you use DP DP, then it’ll do the same thing, since you need to press F, D, and D/F to complete the super. Not that I would, but that’s interesting.

From my experience, when I thought I had the timing wrong, I later realized that it wasn’t the timing, but the fact that I used to be very sloppy with how I did the motions, so it often didn’t come out. When I did my execution improved, I thought the timing was fairly lenient. It kind of sucks that 3S doesn’t show inputs in training mode, but make sure that you’re doing the motions smoothly.