3rd stike question

im a complete noob when it comes to 3rd strike so bare with me.

anyways, i went to the arcades and my opponent was hugo. i was akuma with shoryyken super.

just wondering who had the advantage. i dont play 3rd stike to i was assuming i was dealing with a zangeif…

not sure what hugo had as a special but it was an antiair grab. he did his special and i instinctively jumped which was my biggest mistake.

the whole time i was playing keep away (pokes and fireballs). i can tell he was getting pissed but i can also tell, he knew the match up better. anyways, doing constant fire balls and air fireballs didnt seem to work. i know i cant get close cause he’ll just grab me. what should i have done?

also every time i saw hugo run toward me i would do dragon punches which would miss and result in me getting grabbed. should i have teleported instead?

Hugo is not Zangief. Learn to watch what your opponent does. You can get close but learn about distancing and baiting. If you can bait your opponent to wiff a grab than you can get a free combo in. Also watch videos and learn about different types of mix ups Akuma has. There are a lot. When ever you see a Hugo run towards you, just jump back.

Ok Honestly switch supers first of all. SAI is akuma’s best it’s good for anti air against everyone. Secondly don’t do fireballs often in 3s because parries basically negate them. 3rd against hugo just use demon flip if you want to get near him. Don’t jump at all if he has super arts 2 which is megaton press. Lastly try to mix up everything you do from high attacks to low attacks don’t get too close to him on when you knock him down stay about a character space away. Overall just keep playing and learn from your mistakes.

Also have fun!

If I seen Hugo run towards me [running clothesline], I would use c.:hk:. Unless you meant he dashed towards you in which case I would use s.:hp: with Akuma and hope I stuff his ass while he’s still hopping towards me [when close]. At a distance, I would chuck a fireball at his ass while he was hopping forward. If I’m in a last second situation, I would jump away and throw out a kick of some sort. But I’m no pro. I’m just sayin’. And agreed about the SA1 against Hugo. Keeps you out of harms way. SA2 puts you all up Hugo’s grill, which is cool, UNLESS he blocks then you’re gonna get boned. I use SA3 though. No real reason anymore.

Sounds like you’re playing SA2 Akuma. In all honesty, Akuma is a good character, but he’s not really someone for beginners. I’d recommend Ken for getting the basics down.

But yeah, if you’re determined to learn Akuma, you should definitely check out tutorials and match vids online. The better players will do mostly demon flips and tend to avoid throwing lots of fireballs (which you shouldn’t use too much in 3S anyway, unless you’re Remy or Urien).

This question is a bit involved. But for a couple tips, on both sides:

Akuma/Gouki plays pretty unique in 3S. It’s my personal favorite incarnation of him by a long stretch (I normally don’t care for shotos). His mix-up in this game is pretty crazy, both on the ground and in the air.

  • As mentioned, SA1 is his stand out super. Good for any match-up, links from lots of normals, works as anti-air, decent damage.
  • Learn to utilize his hurricane kicks and his demon flip. I can’t stress this one enough. Both are great when used right.
  • Use his fireballs not so much for damage, but for controlling space and parry-baiting (as in, throw them out, and while your opponent parries them, go in with mix-up).
  • He has plenty of tricky normals, and can space himself well. He can easily stay in people’s faces and remain out of throw range.
  • He has the shoto dash and low-forward, and both are excellent in this game.
  • Remember that he has the lowest health in the game. Definitely the glass cannon. Amazing offense, but can die in a couple hits.

As for Hugo …

  • As mentioned, he is not Zangief. Don’t approach him as such.
  • You can get up close to Hugo, but the trick is staying slightly out of throw range. You can learn this with practice. It’s good against lots of people beyond Hugo, too.
  • Use lots of high low mix-up and dash mix-up on him. Hell, mix-up in general. It’s where Akuma shines.
  • Beware a good Hugo with meter.

And lastly, watch some videos for ideas on ways to play. Jiro, Dot, Match and Kuroda are all fun Gouki players to watch, off the top of my head. And for a specific video if the match-up in question, here’s one:


Notice how he’s nearly always pressuring Hugo, but staying out of throw range.