3rd Official UIC tournament Results 3/6/04


1st: Mike Boczar “ElvenShadow”, Faust
2nd: George Fed “Juicy G”, Sol, Chipp
3rd: Shaun Rivera “UNCONKABLE!!!” Eddie, Baiken, I-no, Dizzy
4th: Ari Weintraub “Floe” Sol, Johnny
5th: Dennis Quiba “Ukyo Tachibana” Sol, Anji
5th: Kris McKinney “Phantom52882” Sol, Chipp


1st: George Fed “Juicy G”, Sol, Chipp
2nd: Shaun Rivera “UNCONKABLE!!!” Eddie, Baiken, I-no, Dizzy
3rd: Ari Weintraub “Floe” Sol, Slayer
4th: Aaron Harris “Double-A-ron” Millia, Johnny
5th: Mike Boczar “ElvenShadow”, Faust
5th: Jim Lapointe “CrackaJ” Slayer


1st: Ari Weintraub "Floe"
2nd: Mike Wennmacher "Silks"
3rd: Shaun Rivera "UNCONKABLE!!!"
4th: Phil Tribbia "neoshinji"
5th: Tom Cooper "That Fag"
5th: Brad Vitale “slips”

Fun tournament despite the lower than expected turnout. Too bad CO and TN didn’t show up, would have been nice if they at least told me they werent coming… oh well.

Big props go out to the STL crew, thanks alot for coming guys, you made this tourny great. It was cool hanging out with you all and playing some really tough matches. You are all welcome back any time.

Thanks also to everyone else who showed up.

GGXX and GGXX reload tournament finals vids will be hosted on IRC once I extract them from the VHS tape, if you are interested look for them probably on monday to tuesday, I’ll be hosting them in #gamecombos on efnet.

good ish to the placers…esp…to conk and slip reppin that stl style.

ES - sorry for not showing. ride was a no go.

Thanks for a great tourney everybody,


Elvenshadow-The whackest, craziest Faust we have never seen. Definately top tier and thanks for the accomidations and holding off #R when we were hella late. Good shit man and good luck at March Madness.

Juicy G-Great Sol, but especially good Chipp in #R. Great guessing games off of teching the net, and very smart use of his j.HS.

Floe-Good games with Sol and Johnny. Why are you so good at all of these games?

Ukyo-Tight Sol and also tight Anji. I was rolling with your repeated low p strats with Sol. It looks so dumb, but is so effective! Great shit.

Cracker J-Your Slayer was the j. Your Axl was also good. Very close matches so good shit.

Seven-Tight ass Voldo and Talim. Good matches and trust me, you will have the time of your life in Japan so good luck in Nagoya.

neoshinji-great ass Taki vs Talim matches. You played very safe and it almost cost me in the end.

Silks-Your Astaroth was solid. So much guardstun, I got counterhit city from being too impatient so your win was well deserved.

STL Crew-
Double-A-Ron-Thanks for driving and BEEing a general idiot. If you HIVE any free time, hit me up.

Slips-good match in XX. I think your Venom will make a huge comeback next tourney so I can’t wait to see the new juice. Also, you too are an idiot.

Tempest-Tight Slayer, stick with him and you will do a lot better.

Hatman-I am your master in SCII, lol. Good games for real and you are the biggest idiot ever.

DarkknghtZ-Wow, you are so dumb, but you pump up redheads with freckles over anything. So good!

If I missed anybody, my bad, but this C++ class is mind numbing…

conk out,
not Chipp=Zanuff, just…


Tournament finals for GGXX and GGXX#R are now being hosted by myself in #gamecombos on efnet. Help yourselves.

ElvenShadow - Great games in casual play the night before the tourney, man. Your Faust is a beast, and it really seemed to come down to who could get their trap off first, lol. Dark Mario Bros is the best, hopefully they’ll make a part 4. Thanks for waiting hella long for us, you really showed us a good time so I look forward to when we meet again man. Take it easy.

Ukyo Tachibana - Good games to you too, man. Like Conk said, 2P over and over looks so scrubby and stupid, but wow it’s amazingly effective. I kept trying to stuff your options at that point, wow I’m an idiot. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah-Yeah…Yeah! Yeah-Yeah-Hundaaaah!” Korean voices are the dumbest, wow. Hope to see you again in the future, man. Take it easy!

Floe - So I finally get to play you, we had some good games man. I got greedy in semis though, so your win was well deserved. Way to get cocky in the Krispy Kreme grduge match, lol. Take it easy, yo.

Juicy G - Very very close games in XX man, but way to own up on me in #R with Chipp. I really didn’t know what to do against a solid Chipp, so confused is my middle name, fuck! Hope to play you again in the future man, peace.

Cracka J - Good games, man. Your Slayer’s pretty good, it was fun fighting you and watching you and Conk play as well. Thanks for the offer on staying at your place, even though we went ahead and left as planned. Take it easy man, I hope to see more of you in the future.

Mr. Infinite - Nice meeting you and keep at it. Your only real problem seemed to be lack of experience against certain matchups (look who’s talking, lol) and lack of a lot of competition. Keep at it, man and take it easy.

STL Crew:

Hatman: You LOVE orphans. Way to spasm out in the SC2 match with Shaun…oh wait, he was doing it too?! O-H-H N-O-O~!

Unconkable - STFU. When I HIVE any free time, I’ll BEE sure and hit you up. BTW, those HONEY twist pretzels were the juice. Way to be an idiot with Barbecuecumber, WOW!

Slips - The wind wasn’t THAT bad, it didn’t wanna blow your car off of the road or anything. I’ll talk to you sometime soon, so take it easy.

Tempest - Yeah, your Slayer is definately your best character, so I’d keep at it. I’ll talk to you sometime this week, so take it easy.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I apologize but y’know…there’s always next time. Peace out everyone, and until then…



thanks for making it out stl and everyone else. good matches to everyone I played. you guys are cool with me so if you ever make it out to anymore of our tourneys, you got a place to crash (and play all night guilty:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ). just let me know in advance. later