3D (game)Models

Hey, I know it’s not really art but since I’m also drawing the textures… :wink:

Those are models I’m working on for our online racing game, I’m doing the modelling, texturing, character,course and game design(well most of it). It’s a christmas themed charity project launching in Deceber. Tell me what you think

Seba the Polar bear
Hockey & Pockey
Jingle the lunatic elf

The next ones are work in progress and are missing textures, effects(particles, glow, etc)

Krampus(north european advent season character, is the lakey of the Nikolaus)
btw, one of my coworkers thinks he looks too evil compared to the rest but he ain’t nice and I like the difference

The first course
Pixie Town 01
Pixie Town 02
Pixie Town 03

The characters are really low poly objects, here’s a pic of the mesh(the plate he’s standing on has more polygones than him :rofl:)


i couldnt help but laugh a little when i saw this… good job:rofl:

me too hehehe

You guys have a dirty mind … like my co-workers :rofl:

lookin good. What app is that btw? I use 3ds max and zbrush. I’ve never seen that UI before. you doin the rigging and animation also? Keep postin as it moves along if possible. Cool to see some other 3d art on here.

I’m using Cinema 4D and Photoshop, I also do the rigging and animating.

nice. I may up some of my stuff. although its not SF related. I guess that’s allowed in here…Keep us posted on this. I’ve always wanted to contribute to a game :confused:

pretty cool. i was taught to never leave any triangle polygons and to make them all square, but for low polycount it may not matter

Most game engines only see tris. Quads are def better for high res stuff.