#37 Reloaded Cal Poly Nov 21-23 2014

Hey everyone!

Asked about who may be going to this in the “Ask Me Something” Thread but didn’t get a response so thought maybe a new thread might get it noticed more.
I planned on going to this but wanted to get an idea as to who may be going.

This tournament is being ran by Mike Watson of Super Arcade. It was announced a while back but I’m noticing that there isn’t much talk about it.

It will have all the older games from 2004 (MvC2/CvS2/3S/ST) as well as USF4. I figured a lot of the Cali players will be there but wanted to make the thread just in case.

Location :
Bronco Student Center : URSA Major Hall
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

You can find more info as well as registration info at http://www.37reloaded.com/

Thanks for checking it out and hope to see everyone there.

**:::::Update EDIT (10/27/14)::::: **

Because of high demand, it looks like the days of the tourney have been changed to Nov 22nd and 23rd. If you are an out of town player, I recommend going to Super Arcade on the 21st if you plan on coming out early. I’m pretty sure there will be casuals/MMs/Sidebets that night.

So far a tentative schedule has been updated to the 37 Reloaded facebook page.
The 37 Reloaded facebook page is here :

Suck that no one is talking about this. :’(

I’m not that far from the area, but I decide to go this is a chance for me to play the older games with some tough competitive to boot. Don’t see myself getting to far in the older games, but I’ll be happy with just getting this opportunity.

With that out of the way, what games are you going to be playing Nick? I plan on joining all games.

Just CvS2. It’s really the only game I see myself grinding out. I just like to play Marvel and ST casually.

I’ll be there. Hope to bring some friends in tow too. Hope the evo side tourney regulars turn up.

SAM are you getting a hotel and shit too? lemme tag along with u and brotherman! we are making plans~~~

what is the pool/final setup for mvc2? 2/3, 3/5?

Formats are yet to be announced, but I’m going to assume that match formats are going to be the same as for previous tournaments. For Marvel 2, this would be 2/3

So far a tentative schedule has been updated to the facebook page.
The facebook page is here :

Updated first post to keep up to date info for everyone that may read this later on.

Amazing news re:scheduling! Makes life so much easier with work. I am for sure going to this now.

For those of you in the area, there’s a pre - 37 Reloaded tourny today at Super Arcade to get everyone warmed up that may need the practice. The tourny starts at 5 PM. Further details can be found on the facebook page which can be found in the UPDATE section in the first post of this thread.

One more week, guys! Let’s get fucking nuts.

Good seeing everyone again. Haven’t had that much fun in a looonnnggg time. I told Watson I had more fun at this tourny than any of the recent evos and he got a big grin on his face lol. After this event, I know I’m still going to keep playing. This game is too good and I was reminded of it this weekend. Good stuff.

Amen. It was great reconnecting with people and competing in serious games. Funnest tourney for me since Evo 2K11 (the last time we had a good CvS2 side tourney :D). I hope more people are inspired to play and keep the game alive after this weekend.

It’s amazing the contrast between this weekend and new game tournaments. Everybody this weekend was serious about winning and competition, unlike the newer tourneys, which feel more like anime conventions (no offense). The new game majors have lost that sense, that this is really about winning and losing, not just showing up to play a game you like. Really hope they run this back in 2015.

Absolutely. You can clearly see the difference between this tourny and new gen tournies. I spoke with James Chen on Sunday before cvs2 and he even said that EVO may have gotten too big at this point, that it’s no longer about the game and winning.

Happy to say that post stream there was a few cvs2 netplay matches arranged, and the day after too.
Lets hope the interest keeps up and we can see a small comeback in this game.

Interesting. Looking back, it’s clear that EVO made a conscious decision to get away from focusing on competition. This has roots all the way back to the early 2000s, when EVO decided to start catering to games like Tekken and Smash, and dropped A3, which was still a tournament game back then. Now EVO is not even a serious competition, except for maybe a few dozen players. It’s just an excuse for everybody to get together and play games.

If the scene was serious about competition, it would take steps to fixing these issues. Like by playing the games best suited for competition, not just the newest shit. And James is partially right: having such a huge, open competition tends to make winning a tournament more about luck than skill.

That would be nice. Support your local and side tourneys guys.

Well Apoc predicted this happening with Evo years ago. The thread may still be around.

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I watched the matches on stream for CvS2. I was so pissed that I ended up with work and had to pay rent so I couldnt go. Very, very pissed. I didnt even know Watson plays CvS2. Fuck.

Where are all you guys from right now? I’m going to try to host ranbats weekly at Milpitas Goftland with CvS2 as a side tourney alongside with all the other new scrub games. Hopefully we can draw some vets who migrated to SFIV back to CVS2 if they see some CvS2 love there.


Where was Gene Wong? Ricky Ortiz? Wiz? John Choi? buktooth?

I’m gonna be uploading the entire top 8 stream of the damn tourney. some amazing stuff. I can’t believe K-Groove and P-Groove did so well at the top.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: