360 to ps3 controller adpater and vice versa question

hello there. i recently participated in a local tournament and i had to borrow ps3 sticks that i was high uncomfortable with. i did have my 360 stick that was modded to my liking. now i know there already exists controller adapters. they work on most games but i have no clue or have not heard how they perform when using arcade sticks. if anyone has any first hand experience on said gadget, would you mind sharing info? as input how is the input lag and such. what converter would the fighting community recommend? hope to hear feedback before next week so i can buy one :slight_smile: b4 next tourney thank you.

There aren’t any good known 360 to PS3/PS3 to 360 converters. Your best bet is to have your stick dual-modded instead.

Personally, I prefer doing all of my dual-mods with the PS360 PCB from focusattack.

There are no good convertors. That is why dual modding is the only good solution.

If you have a madcatz joystick, you should get a teasy strike to dual mod your stick.
Phreak Mods // TEasy Strike

Also, you should look into a Kitty board from toodles.

If you have a custom you will have to search this thread for everything pertaining to a dual mod.

dual modding 101:

There are other solutions available but they are a little harder.

i take it these mods would be around $50-? or more? DIY or more for mod pros? to be specific, i own the SSFIV TE-S lmtd edition chun-li stick.

update: i checked out the teasy mod and i think this is the best option. its very simple. he also posted very detailed, easy to follow vids on youtube. downside is, its $50