360 repair question

I found a disassembled 360 in my closet. After closer inspection, I found that the DVD drive was missing.

Now, I heard about the thing where 1st gen 360’s have their disc drives married to individual mobo’s when they’re in the factory. If I were to replace it with a consumer grade DVD drive, it won’t be able to read 360 discs unless I do intense moddig. I p much plan on using it for digital downloads instead.

My question is: can I use the 360 with no disc drive connected at all, or should I just install an unmodded disc drive into it? Don’t want any circuits shorting in there :wonder:

Give it a shot, an xbox just has similar connectors to a PC powersupply IIRC, it shouldnt have anything bad exposed…
I know some of the MS anti piracy stuff lives in the DVD drive… I suspect it might ring of death to some degree.
I doubt it will blow up. YOu maybe right about the firmware in the drive or the model matching the Xbox model. I would get the model number of the xbox and ask google :wink:


Are there several variants of the 360 Elite? I had the vanilla Black Elite, I am not sure if they made any revisions to that model.

No idea dude, If i need to know something I ask my old friend google.
I have seen different coloured Elites, no idea how they differ however.


I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to boot without the disc drive connected without some more serious mods. There are disc drive emulators that plug in usb but I’m not sure that will work either if you don’t have an original drive in there…

The original DVD drive had a fried PCB because one of the power connectors was not in place securely. This happened after I sent to a friend to repair some tray problems.

So I assume placing any type of disc drive - consumer grade or specialized - won’t work?

there are i believe replacement pcbs that you can buy if you have certain dvd drives, but without the original dvd drive key, I think you’re pretty much boned, unless you have that extracted and stored somewhere already. There may be ways to get the key off the motherboard or off of the fried pcb but seriously, IMO it’s more work than it’s worth to get it working.

i would just google the hell out of some xbox mod forums. i am sure this question has been answered. And pretty much everything yoooooooooooooon said is right.

Have you tried to turn it on yet?
when in doubt google and rtfm :wink:

Without a DVD drive I would not attempt to go on XBL
certain hardware mods are a automatic account ban, and a missing DVD drive would do this.

Yo Ross like yoooooon was saying you need the key to play your xbox disks on it again. Now you can put another drive in there (you can find them on ebay for $20.00) but it would be best to make sure its the same model. For the elite Im pretty sure its a BenQ or Phillips sometimes Samsung. Now when you replace it all you have is a big ass dvd player LOL. But if you have a hard drive with games installed on it you can play them.

 Have you ever tried using jungleflash (may be wrong on the name its been awhile since I used it) to see if the original PCB is really fired?  with that software you can get the key off the original and put it on the new DVD.  Now the other question is, do you have the equipment to get the key off also?  You will have to use some devices to get the key.  Like I said earlier Its been awhile and Im not home so I cant tell you off hand the exact names of them, give me an hour. 

 But without the right devices or software you want be able to get it, and if your original was a Phillips then you would need a probe as well and if you're not familiar with using it and dont have one its not worth the time.  Hope this helps you man.

Should have mentioned this earlier, but I threw the original DVD drive into he trash like a year ago. Prolly a bad idea on my part.

So I guess using it for XBL purposes is out of the question? I suppose I could tag it with the J, if permissiBle without the original drive.

Well if you restore the drive, you be fine for XBL.

you can still use it for XBL purposes just not use the disk drive. It will be in your best interest to just put another 360 drive( most likely a Ben@ or Phillips), do digital downloads and call it a day. You will still be able to use XBL. You also mention Jtag… that is a whole different monster. with Jtaging you will need some serious soldering skills and I mean PS4 controller mod skills ha ha ha. Thats because the points on the back of the board are sooooooo small. not only that, since you have an elite most-likely your kernel version is too high so you will need to R-Jtag and again you will need some devices to do that. So depending on if you want to put out the money on a nand reader, cool runner kit or better and a steady hand to do the soldering you are better off (like I said before) just putting an old drive in you 360 and just down load games to your hard drive. If by chance your drive is small 120GB’s or less, you may want to look into putting a bigger HDD in. thats not as bad as flashing a DVD and sure in the hell easier that Jtag/R-Jtaging your system. Now if you have the skills and equipment already to Jtag by all means go for it man. you will not need a DVD drive but you will still will need to put in a bigger HDD. Again hope this helped.

It was something I didn’t want to fully test and just took the salty sad stores of failed mods as a warring.

@Darksakul‌ wise choice ha ha ha… Flashing a drive is nothing but Jtaging…Oh boy. All I can say is dont try it with a radioshack iron LOL. you need a good iron, flux and a steady hand and even then some of the boards would still not work.

Just turn it into a stick.

I’ll convert the case into a stick. But I’m keeping the internals for future use.