360 Real Arcade EX stick malfunction

Hello, friends.

My Hori EX doesn’t recognize up-left and down-left. It recognizes up, down, left, right, up-right and down-right. I’m confused and hate playing Marvel on a pad so if you could help me I’ll be like :smiley:

Hmm, thats strange. Have you modded it in any way?

Nope, no mods. I did take it apart once to reattach a wire to a button but after I fixed that it worked fine for a few days before this.

make sure the 5 pin thats connects to the stick is firmly on.

that doesn’t make sense to me. If UP and LEFT work all of the time independently, nothing could be loose on their end. If something WAS loose, wouldn’t you have the same problems with LEFT and UP as you do with LEFT+UP? I can only imagine it’s the PCB.