360 FightStick Not Responding

I didn’t want to hijack the similar thread.

A few times recently, I’ve had incidents where the stick on my SE Stick is not responding. One time, it wouldn’t respond in one direction. I’ve noticed that it seems to go away when you turn on the console later and that disconnecting the little plug inside the whole thing that connects to the stick and plugging it back in helps. This is not the original joystick. I replaced it with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick. The buttons I replaced the originals with are just fine.

Is there any way to remedy this or am I better picking a TE SSF4 stick when it comes out?

That’s weird, did u make sure that everything is securely plugged in?

I’m pretty sure everything was securely plugged in before the whole thing happened. I had the mods in since early August and the problems just showed up a week before Christmas. However, I was wondering if that was the case because the stick fell off of my bed once and that was the cause of it.

That bump probably caused a wire to go loose. Check your wiring at the stick and wrap it with electrical tape.

I’ll check it out tomorrow night. I did notice that the plug did come off easily, but I don’t know if that was already like that before I modded it.