(323) Casuals meet up for sf4?

So i live about 5 minutes from Cal State La and have not found many ppl in the area that play sf4 other than a buddy that plays casuals with me every once in a while so I am just wondering if anything is out there

I have been going down to ffn in hungtinton beach lately but its too far of a drive so i was wondering if anybody in the Downtown La, East la or even Montebello/Pico Rivera area have some type of Sf4 casuals thing going on with some buddies or something

sorry if this a repost but I didn’t see any 323 post at all :sweat:

If anybody knows of a place that’s possible to rent out possibly later on a weekday or weekend let me know because the way I am thinking I doubt anybody has something set up so might start something with some help of fellow ppl on SRK

I have the following kind of equipment that we could use and possibly maybe you guys have something around the same lines
ASUS monitor
1 Se stick w/ sanwa buttons and jlf stick
1 TE stick

so if your interested then let me know

Go to the other 323 562 310 threads.

There are too many already.

There are a few threads already. Heres one to check out:


Thanks I might check that one out in south gate what days though Saturday?
I would still like to set something up for ppl in the downtown la basin because many of these events are prety much in the oc area and I would honestly like to save some gas but if you want me to STFU then just reply