** $300 ggCircuit SF4 Tourney @ Gamepad ** Fredericksburg, VA ** 4/11/09

Join Gamepad as it co-hosts the second ggCircuit Street Fighter 4 Tournament on the Xbox 360!

[COLOR=“Red”]ATTENTION: Due in no small part to Gamepad’s petitioning, ARCADE STICKS WILL BE ALLOWED during all phases of this tournament.

Who: Gamepad in Fredericksburg, VA will be hosting local fighters to compete for a share of the $300 GUARANTEED prize pool.

What: Double elimination, local and online bracket organized by ggCircuit and Gamepad.

When: Saturday, April 11, 2009. Qualifying bracket starts at 1pm, Championship bracket starts immediately after.

Where: Gamepad, Spotsylvania Towne Centre (Mall), 3102 Plank Rd. Unit 390, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Why: Honor, Prestige, Respect, $300 prize pool (150/100/50).

How: Bring your stick, $15 entry fee, and your skills, but leave Seth at home (still banned)

Gamepad is the area’s premiere video gaming arena, and is known for holding professional quality tournaments.
Gamepad also has plenty of snacks and drinks for sale, as well as being in a mall with many food options.

More info:
Gamepad website: www.GamepadVA.com
ggCircuit website: www.ggcircuit.com

Feel free to post any other questions here.
Also let us know if you plan to attend, or just pre-register (DO NOT PAY) on ggCircuit.com.


I know I’m beating a dead horse but is there anyway we can get a hard cut off time for the tournament to start?


Agreed. I would like to play, but not interested in waiting around forever waiting for some guy that can’t read a clock. If we have hard start times, I will be there.

seriously, who was that fucking douche? i say ban that faggot!!!

im not showing up unless that guy is banned.

Why is Seth banned? Are we doing straight arcade characters? If so does that mean most of the unlockable characters are banned? Everywhere I have read has reasons to practically ban every character with the exception of Ryu and Ken to keep it completely fair.

Before I dropped out last tournament I was helping unlock Seth for the profiles to have people use, but you say “still” banned as if he was banned at that tournament. If he was “still” why would we have been asked to help unlock characters on profiles?

i know i will be attending,then i will be getting my half price drink on at capital ale house

It’s ggCircuit’s rules, guy. Gamepad is hosting their tournament, so it isn’t like this is the decision of the game center hosting this. Don’t shoot the messenger like the last thread.

Ok if that is just ggCircuits, I can’t blame the center for hosting then.

Edit: Read more on it. Looks like the local tourney held at the end of March was just Gamepad. In that case I will look forward to the next local thing they do as opposed to the ggCircuit one. I haven’t really found good reasons on the Seth ban on ggCircuit so I will have to keep looking. I did see gamepad also looking for reasons on there so I appreciate them trying to at least get to the bottom of it.

i’ll be there:)

First of all, let me apologize again for the delay last Sunday. If we had started on time, the bracket would have finished up after 4pm. We finished about 5:30pm as it was.

The format ggCircuit usually runs is this: Local brackets are run to determine top 2 from each center. Those 2 players progress to the finals, which will be held directly after all centers complete locals. “Directly after” depends on the local brackets from all centers, so even if we started our bracket at 1pm sharp, there is a chance that we will be waiting on another center to finish their local bracket. Also, brackets are arranged and posted online by ggCircuit, so even if everyone is ready to go at 1pm, there is a chance that the brackets will not be ready.
Here is the solution: Everyone who is planning on attending, please “pre-register” on ggCircuit.com but DO NOT submit payment to ggCircuit. (Also, be sure you choose the correct center, Gamepad, or another center may be waiting on you to show up)
That will leave only 1 step when you arrive at Gamepad, to pay the entry fee.

The last ggCircuit SF4 event was a lot of fun for all the participants, despite the restrictions. We are looking forward to another great competition, and defending our title as the toughest Street Fighter 4 center in the circuit, thanks to Corrosive, Slogan, and the rest of you who ended up cheering them on in the EPIC Finals!

So, to answer your question, our cutoff time for registration will be 1pm, but if you are registered, and waiting on confirmation by ggCircuit, we may have to wait until 2pm at the latest to start our local bracket. We anticipate the local bracket running about 3 hours, and the finals another 2-3 hours.

We look forward to seeing ALL who can make it!

sorry Gamepadva.com but your poor choice of font color makes me want to poke my eyes out. I’ll try to make it out there.

We’ll look forward to having both of you.

To you and all who will be attending, please register at ggCircuit.com ASAP.
If we show that SF4 is a strong game on the circuit, we can look forward to bigger prize pools, better rules, etc.

Does anyone else have a problem with NAVY BLUE?
What color is your background?

How about this hue of blue?

Or this shade of blue?

because I have premium we get the choice of using other colored backgrounds, that includes this sexy ass black. The two colors, black and navy blue, just meshes together. I dont mean to be rude because I want to read your posts but without me actually highlighting your text, I can’t read it. Just a blur of blue into a black background.

edit: And no those shades, hues, and values of blue still do not work.

Hey Pat think I can catch a ride with you Smoke’s Car is in the shop so we are carless for the next week or so…

ive tried to register at the site…but for some reason when i fill out all of the fields and hit submit…all it does is reload the same page with half the fields empty…am i doing something wrong?

My main is banned! Booo! Oh well I guess I’ll play Guile just for kicks. Then again I might not play at all I’ll just spectate if I come at all. Mwuahahahahaaa!

prolly not. i dont even have a car. sorry.

yeah i use the classic srk blue and any blue font just rapes my eyes. i too have to highlight and read.

360? Well looks like I’m out of the game already. Not resorting to controllers either. I noticed it was BYOC so, OUCH.

Oh shit i didn’t see that! I was fine with Seth being banned, but now it’s strictly on XBOX? Definitly not going to this now!