300 dpi SF2 Ryu stage background request

I’ve been scouring the internet for days and can’t find a print quality copy of the Ryu stage background from SF2 (any version) for an arcade stick I’m working on. If anyone can point me towards one I’d greatly appreciate it!

At this point I’ll settle for 72dpi, this is starting to drive me crazy! All I can find are crappy little 32kb gif files of the original SF2 backgrounds.

I hope i’m gonna make you happy with this version. Took me an hour to get rid off Ryu and Sagat :wink:


When you say print quality, how big are we talking? I got the sf2 ryu background for my stick and the resolution of the full stage is going to still be tiny (around 224 pixels high anyway) so will look blocky if you do anything crazy.

This is a shot of mine:


You can see how small it is at 300dpi and it would’ve hardly been resized!

I’ll rummage around for it or could just make you one as it wasn’t particularly difficult (just a matter of turning off different sprites and doing screen shots. Of course, part of the sf2 charm is the blockiness. If you’re after image quality then Jinxz’s one is pretty sweet

The point here is that the original is only a few hundred pixels big, and that number can magically be made higher. Something you can do is to accept it, upscale the original with a nearest neighbour filter to the resolution you want, and go for that blocky look, possibly even reinforcing it with some vertical and horizontal black lines separating the pixels or something. Either that or settle with the HDRemix version posted by Jinxz.

Edit: what about Go Animate vectorial recreations of the backgrounds? Too simplistic, maybe?