3 hit air combo variations/timings char spec?

urien: cl.st.rh only
hugo: cl.st.rh only
twins: c.lp only
alex: both
shotos: both
ibuki: both
makoto: both
elena: both
necro: both
oro: both
remy: both
Q: both
12: both
if someone has done the RH version on the twins, post that shit. if someone has done c.lp on urien or hugo, post that shit.

can you guys break down what you’re talking about? I’m a bit lost.

You know when go air to air with someone how you can do headstomp twice or headstomp and then down fierce? Well if you do the down fierce right you should land before they do and be able to crouch jab reset them or close roundhouse.

I didn’t know that. I’ll have to give it a shot in training mode.

in case anybody wasn’t sure about OP’s list st.cl roundhouse works on yun, haven’t tried it yet on yang in a match, but I’m sure it’ll work on him too.

Late to the party but is this post sa2 or only raw stomp

Its air to air super jump raw head stomp