3 Button Sega Pad?

Anyway to just cut the wire like the XBOX1 controller just match up the colors to a usb wrap the wires use electrical tape and it will pick up on it? I dunno if not ill just buy a converter doesn’t really matter, Just curious

This post is a mess.
Are you asking if you can just attach a USB cable to the existing Sega Genesis 3 button pad’s PCB and use it as a USB controller?
If so, no. I’ve seen it done via Parallel port though.
If this isn’t what you’re asking, please clarify, because I can’t understand what you’re asking then lol.

the only reason that this works with an Xbox controller is because the Xbox controller uses USB protocol, all that is changed is the controller end. The Genesis does not.

Oh i see, Any good converters or another way to do it?

3 button sega pad!?!?!?

Don’t know if any of the genesis controllers are common ground, but hypothetically it’d be pretty easy…
Like I said, I’ve seen people use a parallel port to accomplish this, but those are hard to come by on computers these days. The Genesis controller terminates to DB-9, so if you got a pin-out for it, i’m sure you could make it work.

Yes i don’t ‘‘just’’ play street fighter, If i did id be using my arcade stick, I just prefer to play on the controller the games are meant for like sonic on genesis. I have tons of converters now, PS2/Xbox/N64/Snes/Nes/Gamecube/Wii Classic Controller Converter.

that’s a pretty dope idea. let me know how it goes because i wanna make one for myself

I’m surprised there is no market for a good genesis converter seeing as it was always a really good pad for Street Fighter. Hopefully RTZ or Toodles takes notice ;].

The six button protocol for the Genesis was a little … whack.

it can be done in pure discrete logic chips though to neogeo output. The three button pad is easy, one of the pins changes the output of the pins from A to B, and from Start to C. All you have to do is pulse on that and capture it with a latches. Six button… yeah. dont’ even want to thinka bout it.


this describes it much better than I can.

The internets tell me that it’s really not that bad:

The official sega controllers are common ground. I dual modded the 6 button w/ turbo genesis pad for ps3/pc using a dual strike SMD board. I made it still keep the original cord to play on genesis and made a 9pin to usb cord so it can play on ps3/pc. Cool thing is that the turbo function even carries over to the ps3/pc.

Retro Adapter

This adapter is for various controllers to PC/PS3.

Good find, Kiki! Amazing stuff def want to buy two of these and a couple adapters on there i don’t have converters for.

I never liked the 3 button Genesis pad, just for the fact that during the Genesis’ hey day my cousin and I would have worn out the buttons on a few of those and had to replace a pad more frequently than other systems.

I also didn’t dig the 3 button’s d-pad.

Now the 6 button was a good controller and fantastic pad, but still had the same button reliability problems as the 3 button.

I pretty much use the knockoff USB saturn controllers for genesis emulator games.

Why people other than gummy even reply to these things I have no idea.

complain, complain, complain.

The 3-button was where it was, since sonic only ran, jumped, and spin-dashed. quite a perfect controller for what it was used for at the time. It needs to be bought back IMO

Sure if you play Sonic you only need the 1 button, and if one breaks, you could switch to another. Anybody who played Streets of Rage 1,2, and 3 Golden Axe quite often might recall a the “B” button going dead. I seriously had at one point 4 Official Genesis controllers with B buttons that didn’t come back up. I really think that they are of poor quality compared to NES controllers.

Dunno 'bout you, but I’ve never had a Genesis controller go on me.

I still have my sega pad from when i first had it, Ive taken very good care of it, Everything still works on friends genesis tried it just the other day which made me want to get a converter to use it cause my genesis does not work however, Ive never had button problems with gen pads so you’re saying they all have this problem? Or is it a care issue? and the new USB Pads sega released with there new site or whatever don’t have this problem?

@D3v, Neither have I rtd you must be punching your controller :stuck_out_tongue: (Joking of course), But i really haven’t had one break

I don’t know, It is just that my most played games required mashing on B, I’ve played mostly shoot em ups and beat’em ups and Mortal Kombat on Genesis. Between Me, cousin, his friends and my friends, the Genesis probably saw 30 hours of gaming a week.

My grip is probably stronger than average, I’m the kind of guy that people ask to open jars. I’d used go through a Genesis B button like once a year. This was before I figured out that I could swap out the contact pads. On most systems I would go through my first controller in at least 2 years average, mostly contact pad wear. I’ve killed at least 1 controller for every major system. Not so much now, I don’t game as much since I’ve graduated college.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I kill a lot of things. I this past year I killed 2 keyboards before deciding to buy a Unicomp keyboard because certain keys keep getting stuck like shift, ctrl, wasd space. I guess I was born with the heavy handed perk.