3/30 - 4/1 - Console Tournaments @ Buy.com LAN 2007 in Anaheim, CA

JC Media + Entertainment Presents…

‘Console tournaments @ BUY.COM LAN 2007’

Where: Hyatt Regency
1999 Harbor Blvd.,
Garden Grove, California, USA 92840
Tel: 714.750.1234

When: March 30th - April 1st

Virtua Fighter 5 [1v1]
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike [1v1]
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection [1v1]
Super Smash Bros. Melee [1v1 only]
Gears of War [2v2]
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas [2v2]
Wii Sports Homerun Derby [FREE!! Prizes TBD]

Guaranteed Cash Prizes:
1st $500/person
2nd $200/person
3rd $100/person

Prize money is GUARUNTEED, and will be awarded via CHECK the same day. Prizes are per person. For example, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is a 1v1 game. First place will receive $500. Rainbow Six: Vegas is 4v4, each player on the winning team will receive $500 for a total of $2,000 per team.

Entry Fee: $25 per game
Spectator Pass: $5 for 1 day, $10 for the weekend

Rules: For complete rules on each game, please visit www.JC-Media.com and click on “Games List”.


Pre-Registration is highly recommended --> Register here!

Event Schedule

Noon - 11pm

10am - 11pm

10am - 6pm

Tournament Schedule:

**Super Smash Bros. Melee **
128 person cap
Tournament STARTS 7pm

Gears of War
64 team cap
Tournament STARTS 12Noon

Rainbow Six: Vegas
32 team cap
Tournament STARTS 5PM

Virtua Fighter 5
128 person cap
Tournament STARTS 11AM

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
128 person cap
Tournament STARTS 1PM

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
128 person cap
Tournament STARTS 3PM

Here is Buy.com’s official press release:

Buy.com Announces Major Video Game Festival and LAN Party

Aliso Viejo, CA February 23, 2007? Buy.com today announced that it will kickoff its 10th year of being a leading internet retailer in style by hosting the first-ever Buy.com LAN (Local Area Network Party). Being called one of the largest West Coast video game events of 2007, the festival and Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) LAN party will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Anaheim from March 30th to April 1st, 2007. This 3-day event will attract gaming enthusiasts, competitive gamers, tech junkies and the over 9 million customers who have shopped at Buy.com for products ranging from computer hardware and software to electronics, games, books, movies, music, sporting goods and more.

The Buy.com LAN will include competitive and casual video game tournaments for PC and console, a private 200-seat BYOC area and exhibit booths from leading technology companies like Intel, ATI, ViewSonic and more! Tens of thousands of dollars in cash and sponsor product prizes will be handed-out over this 3-day event to tournament participants. The event will also feature stage shows, raffles and contests for spectators who plan on attending the event.

?What better way to start off our 10th Anniversary then to host a huge party for our loyal customers and the video gaming community,? said Herb Criscito, Vice President of Sales and Merchandising at Buy.com. ?From the competitive video game tournaments to the awesome vendor exhibits, the Buy.com LAN event is going to stir up excitement for everyone!?

For more information and to register for the Buy.com LAN event, participants can sign up and purchase tickets at http://www.buy.com/LAN .

About Buy.com
Buy.com is a leading e-commerce company focused on providing its customers with a positive shopping experience and a broad selection of high-quality technology and entertainment retail goods at competitive prices. Buy.com offers over 2 million products in a range of categories including consumer electronics, computer hardware and software, cell phones, books, music, videos, games, digital music downloads, toys and sporting goods. Individuals and businesses can shop quickly and easily at Buy.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ? Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Buy.com, founded in June of 1997, is located in Aliso Viejo, California. Buy.com is a trademark of Buy.com Inc. Buy.com currently competes with a variety of companies that can be divided into two broad categories: (i) multi-category retailers such as Amazon.com and Wal-Mart and (ii) specialty retailers or manufacturers such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA and Dell. For additional information, please visit http://www.buy.com.


Sounds cool, but am I correct in seeing that the entry fee for each game is $25 but first place only wins $350? Is it $350+pot money or is it $350 no matter how many people enter?

sounds like a jack to me

I’m pretty sure they’re trying to make us pay for the hotel fees.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s only $350. It only mentions the “guranteed” price nothing about spliting the spot.

Negative Rating on the thread FTW. I voted terrible -_-

I understand the prize money isn’t the highest. However, we are working on bringing some very good competition to the event. I have spoke with Crow, Brian H, Justin Wong, Mojo, and more. Along with that, the venue itself is just amazing. , and brand new TVs and consoles.

$25 is really the cost to get into the EXPO, and with that, you receive one free entry into one tournament.

Along with that, the expo itself will have raffles, promotional prizes and more. This is not a standard tournament. There will be many activities throughout the day.

JC Media.

What no marvel?

So what you’re saying is there are no tournament entry fees? If we paid for the BYOC room or something else, then we’d be in the building and we can play in the 3s tourney for free?

If you look at the registration. You buy the Tournament + BYOC ticket and you get to play one tournament free.

The event is a trial event for our sponsors. As you see, we are doing a variety of games. We fought very hard to include Smash Bros and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike because the sponsors did not want ‘old games’.

Yes, JC Media is paying out the prizes out of our own pockets. We are paying a total of $5,000 in prize money throughout our games. I know what you are saying, but unfortunately, we are not making any money from the entry fees. The $25 you are paying goes to the EXPO.

We want to prove to the sponsors that the community is worth to invest in. I’m sure Tekken will have a great turnout, but we are trying to show the sponsors that.

If $25 is too much, then I am sorry. Yes, its nice for a huge pot to be listed and everyone gets excited. I know gamers do not want to feel cheated at all. Trust me, Jinmaster is apart of the company, and has been flying around the country on his own dime for 8 years.

I assure you, every attendee’s will receive their money’s worth. There will be many promotional and additional prizes to be won from any gamer, not just the first place finisher. We are having a free tournament for Wii Baseball with sponsored prizes, free raffles, door prizes, etc etc. We are talking with some top players like we said before getting them to confirm their attendance (Brian H, Justin Wong, PC Chris) Just to name a few.

Along with that, we will have 8 stations for Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

So for the last time, Yes, there is no huge 1st place prize. However, anyone who attends will not feel cheated in any way. We are doing a lot in the back end to make sure everyone is happy. I hope you can trust in what we say. We appreciate everyone’s support, and we hope the gamers can understand where we are coming from.

JC Media.

How the expo is set-up, if you want to participate in the BYOC (Bring your own computer) it is $40. If you want to play a tournament game on top of that, it is $10 extra.

If you want to enter 2 console tournaments, and NOT the BYOC, it is $25 a piece.

This looks cool. I’m definately going for VF5, and to play some 3S casuals. Looks like it’s going to be fun.

Alright so here’s my suggestion. Since you guys are apparently running the 3s tournament yourselves, I can only suggest that you guys run another 3s tournament on the side, a team tournament. The prize shouldn’t be money I guess, since you guys are paying for it out of your own pocket, but maybe a video card or something. You SHOULD NOT charge for the team tournament.

Please understand that if anything, the 3s community is the largest gaming community out there as far as arcade gaming, and everybody has usually paid $5 to enter a tournament, much less $10. Asking any player to bust out $25 to go to an expo he might not want to go to begin with, is absolutely absurd. Don’t forget the tourney rules are probably best 2/3, double elimination, and quite frankly, I don’t feel like paying $25 to just maybe win a tournament like that.

That is not a bad idea regarding the Team Tournament, however, we do not have the time to add an extra tournament. If you look at the schedule, we are doing tournaments continusouly throughout the expo.

I understand what you are saying about the $5/$10 entry fee for standard community tournaments. However, this is no standard tournament.

Think of going to Anime Los Angeles or San Diego Comic Con. You are paying $45 or something crazy like that, and IF they do have Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, you are no way getting any money for prizes. The tournament will be ran unprofessional, single elim, and they just overall don’t care about the community in general.

With BUY.COM Lan 2007, think of it in that regard. You are paying only $25 to get into the EXPO, with a FREE ENTRY into 1 game. With that one game, their is GUARUNTEED PRIZES. There will be so much going on at the event, you will have much more fun then standard community events.

I hope to see you out there.

JC Media.

I remember you saying you had 5 TV’s for 3s.

Even though there is a 128 player bracket, there’s probably no way you’ll even get half of that to sign up for the amount of money they have to pay.

My suggestion is that you just give us more bang for the buck.

He’s saying you are getting more bang for your buck, because you’re actually paying for the Expo/event, and entry into one tournament is free.

Whether the expo is actually worth $25 has yet to be seen =O

geez i dont think thats worth the trip i dont think the winnings will cover their tickets

…and thats even if they win :wink:

No Marvel = Fails :tdown: