3/3/04 POWERSTATION Long Beach CvS2 Bi-weekly results

We had a very exciting tournament this time around. Kennywood, after taking a week off from competiting at the bi-weekly, came back in full force to walk away un-defeated and win the championship. As well, Jae was again handed his only 2 losses to the winner of the tournament, taking second place again. Perhaps next time he will be able to break his second place curse. A lot of intense matches this tournament, most of them were fun to watch. Props to the nice A-Groove combos shown both during, before, and after the tournament. I really got my ass handed to me with that Athena combo…

Anyway, here are the detailed results, I hope to see you all next time, on March 17th!

1st Kennywood (K-Hibiki, Cammy, 2-Blanka)
2nd Jae (K-Morrigan, Ryu, 2-Sagat)
3rd Rog (C-Joe, Blanka, 2-Sagat)
4th Drizzt07 (A-Yuri, Athena, 2-Kim)
T-5th Potter(C-Cammy, Blanka, 2-Sagat)
T-5th xx_Deus_xx (K-Yamazaki, Ryu, 2-Sagat)
T-7th Rat (N-Ryu, Ken, 2-Blanka)
T-7th Pimp Willy (K-Dhalsim, Blanka, 2-Sagat)
T-9th Mr. Great (N-Geese, Hibiki, 2-Iori)
T-9th Fortino (K-Blanka, Hibiki, 2-Bison)
T-11th Hulk (C-Bison, Blanka, 2-Vega)
T-11th Grimace (N-Balrog, Haohamaru, 2-Yamazaki)
T-13th BDC Life (C-Ryu, 3-Ken)
T-13th Zero (C- Sagat, Cammy, 2-Chun-Li)

Here are the current LOCAL ARCADE POINT TOTALS for Powerstation Long Beach:

Points Player Name

34 Jae
28 Grimace
26 Kennywood
25 Pimp Willy
20 Rat
18 Rog
14 Combofiend
12 Clockw0rk
12 Hulk
11 xx_deus_xx
10 Evil Elvis
8 Jesse
8 Drizzt07
7 J-Diddy
7 Mr. Great
6 Vez
6 Havok-TG
5 J-Dawg
5 Potter
4 Ricta
3 Violet
3 Fortina
2 Diesel
1 Jose
1 Ted
1 Tex
1 BDC Life
1 Zero

WHERE ARE YOU GUYS LOCATED AT? :smiley: :smiley:

at the Long Beach Towne Center in the city of Long Beach. It’s off of the Carson Exit, on the 605 freeway.

Hmmm…J.R., you might be going to the next one? I didn’t see any p-groove players in the results that played, so you gotta represent for the P…unless I go. :smiley: Congratulations Kenny. So now you’re taking tournaments, huh? We need more practice sessions since now you’re a professional video game player :lol: You got paid. I’ll see if I can roll up one of these days when I don’t have to go to class and I’ll bring Southtown with me. Peace.

  • PBB

The only P-Groover I’ve seen play is Mr Great, but this week he decided to ditch P groove and stick with N.

Mostly, it’s over-run with K’s.