3/21 SOVA Ranbats

Another great turnout for the ranbats. We had 27 people enter but a total of 33 people in attendance. Anyways, here are the results.

1: Joe S ($54.00) (15 pts) - Sagat
2: Ryry (12 pts) - Ryu
3: Jay In VA (9 pts) - Ryu
4: Foomy (6 pts) - Sagat, Balrog, Vega, Sakura, Chun Li
5: Aleri (3 pts) - Balrog, Blanka
5: Winback (3 pts) - Guile
7: Blackula (2 pts) - Sagat
7: Joe E (2 pts) - Ryu

Everyone else (1 pt)
9: Kitsune King - Balrog
9: Unknown Enemy - Chun Li
9: J3W - Blanka
9: Aries - Gen
13: Bad Lt - Sagat, Honda, Bison
13: RanDumbCat - Abel
13: Jae Mito - Bison
13: Babypuncher - Sagat, Dan
17: Styles - Balrog
17: Aimforthefeet - Zangief
17: Dsinnie - Blanka
17: K1 Sauce - Bison
17: Mr Feature Match - Ryu
17: Chelsie - Sakura
17: Kam - Zangief
17: LV - Ken
25: Chefboy - Gen
25: AJ - Cammy
25: Scooder - Sagat

Something else we did after the ranbat, for those who stayed longer, we did 3 small “random” game tournies. What we did, we had a person draw a game from our big bag of games and we played that the first round. Then each subsequent round, we played a different game.

First Random tourney (winner - Tiffany)
first round - Super Smash Bros Brawl
second round - Virtua Fighter 4
third round - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
last round - Naruto Ultimate Ninja

Second Random tourney (winner - Winback)
first round - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
second round - Tekken 4
third round - Fighter’s Megamix
last round - Real Bout Fatal Fury

Third Random tourney (winner - Winback)
first round - Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate
second round - Dead or Alive 3
last round - Soul Calibur

Overall, great times. Hope to see everyone again at our next ranbat. The next ranbat will be on April 4th. Next week, many of us will be going to C3.

Here are the overall rankings.

  1. Ryry - 27 pts

  2. Joe S - 17 pts

  3. K1 Sauce - 13 pts

  4. SMP - 9 pts

  5. Winback - 9 pts

  6. Jay in VA - 9 pts

  7. Foomy - 7 pts

  8. Blackula - 5 pts

  9. Kitsune King - 4 pts

  10. Aleri - 4 pts

  11. All have 2 pts
    Sean Miyagi
    Unknown Enemy
    Bad Lt.
    Jae Mito
    Joe E.

  12. All have 1 pt.
    C. Dot
    Wiki P
    Mr. Feature Match

… You guys had fighters megamix? DAMN does that take me back, LOL.

Hopefully i’ll play with some of ya’ll at C3 :D.

Joe S.- play like there’s $500 dollars on the line and I’m sure you’ll win every match haha.

Jay in VA- most unique ryu, fell for your stuff everytime :frowning:

K1- pad players are your only weakness rofl NEVER AGAIN

Aleri- Balrog’s gotta represent better next ranbat. check your pm’s later tonight

Randumbcat- ah i didnt know that was you! I need more abel training xD

everyone else, gg’s.

good shit to blackula for hosting. host’s keep SoVA alive man!

Sorry i had to leave so soon but, partying with foomy is something that cant be refused XD

If all goes well ill see you all at the next ranbat.

good stuff guys. see yall at the next one

Sorry I missed this one… Really wanted to come but couldnt get outta work… Ill definitely be at the next one…

Jamie - i used Honda and Dictator in addition to Sagat.

i expected more for turnout for this one but nonetheless it was fun we just need to work on getting shit going, too much hold up going on… good shit joe solid play last night i see a bright future ahead of you…:rock:

and 10x come out! your appearance will make a big difference with the results. you too jermaine.

random tourney was fun till naruto came out why do u even have that game…

Jermaine would have been there. He had to work though.

27 is only one less than the last ranbat. Still a great turnout. If SeanMiyagi, 10x, OJ4, and Judge had come, and if WikiP had just gotten there a bit earlier, we actually would have had a full 32 man ranbat. And let’s not forget Chandon from NC. Haven’t seen him post in a while though.

i know… just pointing out his apperance makes a big difference…:tup:

Keep playing guys, keep VA alive…

All the footage I managed to get. Great stuff from Joe S., RyRy, and Foomyjin. I need to remember to get more memory sticks, sorry I failed in getting the entire grand finals again. Random appearances from a Gamestop girl, a jew, and the chinese GG guy.


new to the scene

I learned a lot last night hopefully next time I do alot better. Not to bad for my first real competitive play.

damn i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

man, good shit everyone

Foomy-You mind fucked me in the end man, i was so nervous but got my composure later on, good stuff man

Jay in Va- that is some funky Ryu stuff, but if it aint broke dont fix it, gs

UEZ- Chun-li has the advantage on blanka man, dont be worried!

Kitsune- Ugh I know man, ill work on it, hopefully we cant game down some time this week before Ctriple

ggs to everyone.

and blackula thanks for hosting as always.

Real results…

Highlights from Random Game tourney:

-Brawl is the game nobody wants to play, but is the best shit ever.
-Guilty Gear is the game nobody wants to play, and still doesn’t (pieca shit).
-Tekken 4 airport stage needs to come back.
-Naruto game = super-move monologues.
-Ryry knows controversy in games he’s never even touched. Proof: [media=youtube]EcOn7GLa8B8[/media]
-in further news, Andy Bogard attempted to sidestep Terry’s Power Geyser in Real Bout Fatal Fury, and then was subsequently hospitalized. “Try again, kid!”

Cheers, maytes.


GS to our resident pad warriors Nick and Black for whooping up on me.

Damn!!! 2009 user represent! That’s nasty as hell! Step it up SoVA!!!

lol :china: