3/20 - WMS IV - Cedar Rapids, IA (MvC3, SSF4, T6)

Here’s the scoop for the next Iowa monthly.

Where: Just Jules Pub & Cafe, 835 Center Point Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA
When: March 20, 2011
What: Tekken 6 Singles, SSF4 singles, and MvC3 singles
This is a VGF sanctioned event! (Read below for more.)


This is a small bar/restaurant, so all the rules that normally apply to a bar/grill applies here. That means feel free to purchase booze, food, or whatever, but if you’re under 21 and try to purchase alcohol, you’re banned forever. The bar’s parking lot is around the back and shouldn’t be hard to find. It is small and ghetto, but with hardly anyone there, parking shouldn’t be an issue. If need-be, it is surrounded by a residential neighborhood, so you can park on any adjacent street and take the short stroll.


Tournaments start at 1 PM.

T6: 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals then it’ll switch to 3/5 matches.
SSF4: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
MvC3: 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.

Since we’re now doing 3 games, I’m dropping EF to $5 per game; double elimination. Pot split will be 70/20/10; all EF will go to pot.


As mentioned above, this is a VGF sanctioned event. To find out more about us, visit our site at VGF. What does this mean for you as a player? It’s free, incredibly quick/easy to register, and most importantly, qualifies you for free prizes! I’ll be taking e-mails during registration and automatically creating accounts for players who don’t have one, so if you do not want an account, let me know immediately. By providing your e-mail, it’s presumed that you’re giving us permission to register you with the VGF.


We’ll get two $10 drawings again, this time for VISA gift cards. We’ll also be getting 3 or 4 shirts from the bar. I’ll be giving those out after the tournies to those who don’t place top 3, so be sure to stick around! Remember, the more people come out, the more we’ll continue to get, so do your best to join us!

Mark your calendars! I’ll be sure to update this post if anything changes.

I’m registered and I’ll totally be there. I’ll attempt to get a few people to come I know at least one will. It’s weird that it’s on a Sunday not a Saturday but oh well. Thanks for setting these up.

Yeah, I know Sundays are kinda screwy, but the deal we get with the bar is way worth moving a tourny to Sunday. If we can find just as good a deal (with no venue fee and the free stuff), I’d be happy to move it. So, if you find something, be sure to let me know, lol

now that football season is over there’s nothing else to do on sundays but have tourneys :wink:

people need to come to this, the venue is super fun (dollar mugs of beer!).

Whelp looks like I’m going to this :woot:

How are you guys doing on setups and space? If you’re ok would you be opposed to an HDR side tourney if enough people are interested?

We had 3 setups last time and plenty of space. We should still have the 3 setups, which should be plenty for the tournies. If you wanted to bring another setup and play HDR, I’m cool with it.

I’m in on this!

Hype. I’d be down for HDR.

Wait, I have to fight two hondas potentially now? D:

Oh, shit. Dare I say it…


I’ll show up for this one if only to meet the Cedar Rapids fighting crew. I haven’t played SF4 since Marvel came out but I guess I’ll re-polish my main before the day comes. Are there any casuals before 1 PM or does all the action start at 1?

I’ll be there about noon. If anyone shows up early feel free to set up shop and play casuals. I personally don’t have any systems or TVs, so it depends on when those guys will get there.

Sweet much appreciated. I just realized after I posted that though that I can’t bring a TV since my ride will have 4 people in the car, I’ll bring the Xbox though just in case a spare just happens to wonder in.

Honda’s been taking advangate of 2 for 1 wings at Jethro’s on Tuesdays. Fatter then ever.

I could possibly bring a television depending on what Dubuque Crew is doing.

Hey, I’ll try to get there before noon (however I’m really lazy). I’ve got a small TV, 20", I can bring and MVC3 for xbx360. It’s a Toshiba but it gets the job done. I was going to ask at the tourni but all I have for a fight stick is a XBX360 TE fight stick. Can I borrow anyone’s stick for the actual tourni if we’re playing on ps3?

I personally don’t have a stick, but I know Bill (zero) has a couple. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you borrow one of them.

I have two sticks, so I will bring them both.

Haha, don’t worry Blake, there won’t be two Hondas. I have to go celebrate my mother’s birthday at my parents house this Sunday (I got told last minute that we’re doing it this weekend instead of the next), so I won’t be able to make it this month. :sad:

I’ll probably hitch a ride to CR for this. All systems gonna be PS3? Or should I have a 360 stick at the ready as well? I’ll see if I can stuff a TV somewhere as well.

I found out tonight that the celebration is going to be postponed to next week due to illness, so I CAN make it! Time to see how everyone is doing with MVC3!

Honda it up.

@Mike- If you want to play HDR You would need a 360 stick- besides if Grog’s 360 is used, he has the games so it may be used as a tourney setup in the other games, who knows.