3.07.09 MVC2/CVS2/KOFXI/T5DR Tournament in Fairfield

-Winner of a match in a set must keep their character/team
-Double elimination format.
-Grand finals will be 4/7.

-Marvel vs Capcom 2
-Capcom vs SNK 2
-The King of Fighters XI
-Tekken 5 DR

-Sign up will run from 12:00-2:00pm.
-Tournaments will start at 2:30pm sharp.
-$5 entry per game. 70/20/10% payout to 1st/2nd/3rd.
-Pay per play.
-Brackets will be made using Tournament Maker software. Seeded based on location.

-Fairfield Tilt, located in Solano Mall.
-1350 Travis Blvd. Fairfield, CA 94533

i will try to come to this.

maybe try to hit this up

ill be ther for sure, hope we get alot of comp to show up.:tup:

Should make this sounds fun.

I should be able to make this as well.

I’m there.

Wish I could come Mark, btw this is Azn Jon, add me. Let eddy know i got the purp for the next meetup in the backwoods!

See you guys there.

The Results

1st RJ
2nd Sadao (Ghostbuster) - Lost to RJ twice. In winners final and grand final.
3rd Eric (StiltMan) - Lost to trr, Sadao in losers finals.
4th Mark (trr) - Lost to Sadao, Stiltman
5th Mr. Salmon (Woomighty) - Lost to Kevin B, trr.
5th Kevin (madeinca) - Lost to RJ, StiltMan.
7th Long (lspecz) - Lost to RJ, Woo.
7th Kevin B - Lost to Sadao, StiltMan.
9th CJ (Soulstar) - Lost to Eddie, Kevin B
9th Eddie - Lost to madeinca, Woo
11th Raj- Lost to madeinca, CJ.

Fun tournament, hype matches. Kevin B was playing Anakaris/Sonson/Storm, and had a sonson comeback on Woo’s whole team.

the B is for Beast

damn too bad I had to work…id like to see that son son team…never played a good one.

Correction, sir, lost to Sadao and Stiltman

Isucks. Good games.


I thought you were norcal’s #1 scrub.

Apparently you didn’t mash hard enough.

Sonson owns you.

My new team is ironman/sentinel/sonson

super free

PS. GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD how da fuck do you lose to people with anakaris?


yah woo, mash harder=win.

must have been the joysticks. Those are always unfair in fairfield.

This nigga RJ is on some other shit.

On the other hand, Ghostbuster be holdin’ it down with cable smokin’ niggas =O!
I see you on myspace son.

Good shit guys


woo, i dont get how you can beat a trig/calculus test BUT YOU CANT BEAT ANAKARIS.

next time i play you in tournament ima let the crowd pick my team.

i hope they choose servbot/colossus/anakaris.


I don’t get it woo…

You go to speech tournaments and you beat your opponents single handedly with the best debate, but you can’t beat sonson when you got a whole squad?


Alien ancestors help ya boy!