[3/05/10] Chinatown Fairs SFIV 2v2 Tournament Results

Here are the final results:

  1. Sanford (Ryu) Jeron (Dictator)
  2. Rahsaan (E. Honda) Rico (Abel)
  3. Aquasilk (Zangief) Javits (Boxer)
  4. Frankie (C. Viper) Zohta (Zangief)
  5. DamDai (Ryu) Auto-Demon (Gouki)
  6. Omar (M. Bison) John Poluzzi (Ken)
  7. Ross (Boxer) Steve (Gouki)
  8. KillaBee (Claw) TheLaziest (Boxer)
  9. Kreymore (Abel) Aaron (Sagat)
  10. Wayne (Blanka) Jake (Ryu)
  11. Matt (Dictator) Amir (Zangief)
  12. Ted (E. Honda) Sunny (Chun-Li)
  13. Keith (Guile) Pickles (Rufus)
  14. Tony (Boxer) David (Boxer)

I want to thank each and every participant for being very cooperative, patient and supportive tonight; as we all know, tournaments are prone to delays especially on a Friday night theres also an endless amount of people coming in and out the arcade which made it very difficult to track players down. Overall, Id say tonight was quite successful there were many spectators/future competitors and we hope you will join in on the fun next time!

Special thanks to my friend/teammate DamDai, he worked hard on balancing the brackets and was of much help to me in getting matches going as well as keeping track of the progress. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Henry Cen for letting us run the 2v2 weeklys and being on standby to help correct equipment malfunctions.

Moving on, I was able to watch many of the matches, here are some of the highlights:

TheLaziest had a great match against Frankie; his boxer was patient and he was on point with the punishing ultras. Although Zohta ended up sending them to losers, it was, nevertheless, very exciting to see TheLaziest/ KillaBee improving so much each week.

Ross/ Steve were teamed up last second and they too had a couple of great matches; I didnt get to see Ross play, but I play him often and the improvements are very apparent each time. Steves got some really interesting mix-ups and resets; it was especially fun for me to watch his matches as a fellow Gouki player. Kreymore knows the matchup well, but the slight timing differences of the arcade from console threw him off a bit; Ross/Steve ended up eliminating Kreymore/Aaron.

Javits/Aqua had a great match against Sanford/Jeron; it was down to chip for Aqua and Sanford Aqua did a standing roundhouse at mid-range and Sanford tried to punish with a fierce shoryuken but was grabbed out of it (while in pre-jump motion) by Aquas ultra which sent Sanford/Jeron to losers Winners finals followed with Javits/Aqua vs Rahsaan/Rico. Although I didnt get to see all of it (I was running losers bracket) but from the bits and pieces that I saw every match was fairly close; Rahsaan was on point with those slaps and somehow he was always just outside of Aquas ultra range although Javits and Aqua won a set, they were sent to Losers finals, a rematch against Sanford/Jeron. Let me begin by saying that Jerons dictator IS nasty; the standing strong kick roundhouse became a major problem for Javits/Aqua; Jeron head-pressed into the Grand finals.

Now for some reason the Grand finals turned out to be a bit of grudge-match; there were several intentional taunts in matches in any case, its all in good fun; Capcom did put these taunts in the game for a reason chuckles. Sanford/Jeron was able to reset the score (coming out of Losers) and eventually bested Rahsaan/Rico.

NOW Im taking a poll:
Some people came up to me and suggested changing the tournament to Saturday evenings, and perhaps a bit earlier as well, so I would like to know what everyone (by that I mean ACTUAL participants) thinks. Also, someone else brought up the possibility of mixing things up by having a 3v3 which sounds like fun as well, and for the record, its very common in the Japanese tournaments.

Again, the vote is for either a Friday OR Saturday tournament. (Still in the evenings)
2v2 OR 3v3 for the upcoming tournament

Yours truly,

Thank you for shoutout, I taking the advice you keep giving me and applying it. Keep up the good tourneys.

3v3, please. Good shit keeping things poppin’ at CF, Andy. <3

Thanks for the positive feedback, hopefully the next time I compete, I’ll play a bit better. Also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the tourney on a Saturday.