2v2 3s money matches

me and reset will be accepting 2v2 mm’s. bets capped at 50 bux. 2/3 double elim, you know the deal.


100 Pesos?

si senor. ciento pesos son finos.

can me and jwong play against you two? seriously.

yeah me and eric kim are down against you 2.

aight coo. see you at evo.

Neiman Im down I just need to find a partner:lovin:

Will do so its offical:wgrin:

so far we got (ramos/sanchez), (epsilon/eric kim), (hydro/xx)

nam f u

lets get this money nick.

Can a couple guys from Portland get a match? We’ll put down $20.


i’m down too, i’ll be reppin’ with someone from texas.

I wanna play as well but I dont have a team mate :frowning:
anyone wants to team up with me to play

me and corey 20 bucks, bet it

sig just for you neiman :smiley:


Where is this?? I wanan go O.O

let’s do this yoon.


evo world.


ill play you guys you 2 vs. Me

i’ll find a partner… can only play for 10 though