2DF or GGPO ? Please Elaborate =D

which ones more popular with this community, and what are the complications of both ?

GGPO: Better netcode (except 3S) and pretty dedicated community. Some douches in some lobby’s (3S). Has pretty much every great fighting game made by Capcom and SNK. If you’re behind a router, expect a headache.

2DF AKA Supercade: Netcode is okay if you’re playing someone in North America. A large amount of South American players which may make communication a pain in the ass. Worst version of 3S. Has more than a few fighters not on GGPO like Real Bout 2 and Kizuna Encounter (personal favorite). A ton of other games like Metal Slug and etc if you’re into that. Easy as shit to use whether or not you’re behind a router.

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The “douches” in the lobby are what make GGPO great. I can’t be fucked listening to a bunch of south americans and shit constantly like on 2df.

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I thought damdai improved the code for supercade very recently.

I played 3S on Supercade. God awful. Worse than GGPO. The timing for parries is radically different. The parry system on Supercade acts more like CVS2 but slightly worse.

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GGPO has better communication (is in being able to communicate and match make, not necessarily good communication I guess), and it doesn’t have the annoying thing of having to open ports, especially to host like Supercade does. I couldn’t host on Supercade at all at my college dorms for example because I have no access to the router to do that. It is easier on setting button maps as well, which is good in some cases, bad in others.

Supercade has a much larger library of games, some not even fighting games, the ability to save replays yourself (varies with how Damdai has changed it) as opposed to being forced to do it a certain way if you don’t have a friend spectating and saving the input for you. As of this post, communicating with other players is horrible (especially in this version) and the previous list format and search function for games is no longer available (now pinned to some scrollbar type thing) and is just deplorable. The new client is just more problematic overall (I thought the last revision was much, much better).

The netplay really seems to be about the same in my experience. Both have their hitches though, with GGPO sometimes not connecting and forcing you to do the “double challenge”; sometimes that doesn’t even work. Supercade has the port issue.

every game listed in the FBA directory, it says 1048 games, can be played through ggpo. For a while, we were trying them all and I’ve never heard anyone say a game didn’t work using the savestate glitch. It was quite fun playing magic drop 3 and twinkle star sprites for a while on ggpo even though they’re not supported. People can spectate your matches and you can even type back mid game so all the basic ggpo functions still work.

As far as recording matches, you don’t need a friend to help you as you can do it yourself. Open up a game with someone, spectate yourself and hit record on the spectator FBA. It’ll record properly. The spectator version will still output audio that is obviously late but if you alt + - , you will lower the volume of the spectator match. I usually just turn it all the way to 0 and this won’t affect the window you’re currently using to play.

I do it a similar way, but my method doesn’t mess with the audio. However it does introduce some lag in my current match, so it can make barely playable games unplayable. Regardless, my point was on Supercade you don’t need to do any of that, the client does it automatically when you play. I see that as a strength.

GGPO has less input delay across the board.
It’s the only way to play games reasonably close to the offline experience.
It’s the clear winner.