2D Fighters vs. 3D Fighters

Which fighters do you prefer better? the traditional good ol 2d fighters (ex: street fighters, darkstalkers most capcom fighters etc.) or 3d fighters (tekken, virtua fighter, soul calibur , dead or alive etc.)

imo i prefer the 2d fighters a bit better. To me the 3d games get boring after a while and especially when the 2d fighters make the transition to 3d fighters (mortal kombat deception) its just not as fun as its 2d counterparts.

Ill take games like street fighter alpha 3 and marvel vs capcom 2 over tekken and soul calibur. Dont get me wrong tho i like 3d fighters…but to me they arent as fun as most of the 2d games

hell i still say most of the old sonic games on genesis were better than the 3d ones

I like both and play both but capcom 2D and old school games are better. I still play my genesis too, shinobi, sonic 3, enternal champions.

I MUCH prefer the old-school fighters. I prefer them because they have cooler moves, and are a lot harder to learn (IMO). I prefer those and the 3D fighters that play like 2D fighters (KoF: MI, Rival Schools, Project Justice, Fatal Fury WA)

3D fighters often bore me to tears (basically because the moves are a bit too realistic for my tastes)

2D fighters are more action IMO. 3D fighters are slow and just to real. and their moves are not as good as in 2D fighters.

but we do need both.

started with 2d fighters SF2:WW => SF3TS, MVC2, CvS2, but have slowly leaned to 3d fighters. Dont flame, i know this is SRK.com, but but i find the style in 3d fighters to be more fun. 2d fighters are still fun, but i love the technicalities in a 3d fighter. I love the High/Low game, how certain moves counters other moves, the amount of effort it takes to land EVERY attack, and the pace of 3d fighters.

2d fighters just don’t do it anymore for me, but i still enjoy them to a great deal. Just my opinion. It’s probably just my style. Just how Final Fantasy Tactics is my fave RPG of all time. How i always like turn based RPG’s (FFT, FF3) over real time battle RPG’s (Secret of Mana).

Just my opinion, plz dont flame. =(

Wow, I can’t belive this has never been done before.

My first fighter was SF2 as a kid, it took me forever to learn how to do a shoryuken since i had no one to teach me, lol. Anyway, i guess for real my first fighter was tekken 3, i loved that game to death, lol. But then i got into MvC and cross over games which just seemed a million times better than tekken. From ther i moved on to CvS2(greatest game ever made in history!!!). After playing some other 3d games such as Soul Calibur, new Tekkens, and DOAU, i realize that they get boring real fast, a week at most. To me, the feeling playin 2D far surpaces 3d. Probably cuz 3d is just too plain for my taste, with 2d, the fighting system varies. Such as with CvS2, a slower and more steady type of fighter than lets say MvC2, a more intense and fast pace game. Unlike Tekken and DOAU, i feel that although they do have their differences, they relate to much in gameplay aspect, so there is really no originality with 3d fighters in my pooint of view.

Dont get me wrong, ill play 3d, but never over a 2d. :slight_smile:

hay guys wahts going on in this thread

I feel like this has been done way too many times…oh well, that won’t stop me from saying something. I like 2d more, since the only 3d series that I ever took seriously was Tekken and VF.

If you want a really good article covering 2d vs 3d check thru some of Seth Killian’s Domination 101 articles. He did a really good one on this very topic. Seth = beast when it comes to covering the ins and outs of any topics. Its worth the time and read.

EDIT: Found the article


Note: It says ponder posted it, but if I remember correctly Seth Killan wrote it. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

Whoa whoa nut hugger, the articles are good, but not great by any means, IMO.

Worth a read, but it’s just one mans view on it. Interesting articles.

I play both, I love 2-D stuff, because that’s what made me a fan of the genre, but 3-D has it’s place as well…

like, I’ll play Tekken just as readily as Street Fighter…

Woah there, personally its my opinion. As for nut hugging Im just giving my opinion and ain’t riding anyones nuts. Seth got a history of writing some top notch stuff. Im giving credit where its due.


Yeah ive read basically everything in there, there are some good articles up in there.

To me the Dimension of the game is irrelevant. As long as I like the game, then ill play it. I tend to think people get to carried away with if the game is 2D or 3D, I dont think it matters.

A lot of people I know are saying they like the old school 2d games and 3d is too real. But if(hypothetical) 3d was first and 2d game out after(hypothetical) then the arguement would be switched. People would say 2d is fun and all but its too unrealistic, I like the old school feel of 3d instead. I need that realism(hypothetical).



Yep, ultimately is all about preference. I argue with my friend like everyday on the subject, never gets anywhere. i play cvs2, he plays DOAU(not a real game). The arguement is really worth gettin gettin into, although they are both fighters, they are still classified as two completly different styles of gameplay.

I play both. I prefer 2d games but I use 3d games to help me get better at 2d. By this I mean that since 3d games are arguably deeper (arguably people, dont wanna start a war here) I use the techniques I learned in Tekken and SoulCal to better my mindgames in Street Fighter etc. Like learning about CH(Counterhit) in tekken and Sc2 for example can teach you how to try and bait CH setups in Street Fighter and KOF (therefore in Alpha 3 setting up CROUCH CANCEL INFINITES…AIR TO AIR AT LEAST…) Also with 3d games they have more moves, and so you learn how to use every button and each move in the game to aan advantage. You learn how to use mindgames with EVERYTHING…and that transfers over to 2d I think perfectly. As I said before…“Mindgames and stuff like that are universal if you put your mind to it…”

I like 2D ever tho I suck in 2D but,good in 3D. :sad: :wonder:

2d is better imo. fuck all that wack ass sidestep boshit. i’d like to know EXACTLY when i’m in and out of range…

I’ll take VF over anything anytime of the day.

But I still paly other fighting games (SF:3S, GGXX#R, KOF games, DOA2U, DOA3, Tekken 5) pretty much in that order. As long as they don’t suck.