2D Fighter 3rd Strike Tournament (06/15/2008)

Game: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan, 990512, NO CD)

Emulator: 2D Fighter

Date: Sunday June 15th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

All brackets will be co-ordinated through #3Stournament on Efnet.


  • Registration is restricted to Canada and The United States. My apologies to players outside of the area but I don’t want to make any sacrifices in terms of dealing with lag.

  • Mandatory IRC rule is in effect. If you have come across players on Kaillera that play this game please send them a link to this thread and tell them to get IRC. I will not co-ordinate matches between IRC and Kaillera because people don’t want to take 30 seconds for a couple meg download.

  • Only one player per PC. Multiple players can cause a hold up in getting through the matches.

  • Registration is done by being in the channel between 8:30pm - the brackets are created. Do no send me PM’s for your registration, I will not use them. As long as you’re in the channel, you will be added to the list.


what IRC channel is it?

Sorry bud, I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months. I just started playing again recently and my work schedule has been changed so I have time to run tournaments again. We should talk about co-running the tournies you made a thread about (if you’d like the help I mean).

oh i see…thats reasonable…you couldve said something though lol
and sure the more the merrier…ill let you know if i need any help with the team tournaments (ill provide the information to you if needed)…you know im here too if you need help runnin the boat…ill be able to assist in the brackets or something…let me know if necessary

anyone know how too view the frames of delay in the matches…im curious about playing these overseas heads…

I dont know how to work IRC, but I’d play

…on Father’s Day?

I really am going to try to be there for this. My 2df name is “mac”. It wouldn’t let me put in Macumazahn for some reason

YOOO you should join my team tournament man… i would love it if you could :tup:

:wonder: I’ll try to make it, if I’m not too caught up in Metal Gear Solid 4… dood.

can i have that mgs4.

:wonder: Are you really still engaged in Father’s Day activities at 9:00pm? :wonder:

ill play maybee

only gonna play fuck around yun sa2 though

im thinkin of playing Sean in this.

#3Stournament is open. Registration doesn’t officially start until 8:30pm EST but you’re welcome to idle in the channel and put together casual matches all day to shake whatever rust you might have.

If I’m back from the BBQ I’m at tonight, I might join. So I’m a big maybe. I’ve been killed by lag on 2DF lately even playing some people in Canada though so we’ll see.

Can these tourneys really be held without any loss of game fidelity? I’m new to this concept and I’m sincerely wondering if there’s no difference at all, or a noticeable difference that people just kinda try and deal with.

I vote that we never used 2dfreeplay for these tourneys. We meet in the mirk channell anyway and I felt that using nfba and mirk was the best setup. I know 2dfp uses nfba but its easier to diagnose conneection problems, and use hamachi if needed. I use 2dfp for everyday play but I couldnt even play my first match last night due to connect problems.

I suppose my question has just been answered…