2D Beat em up awesomeness : )

You know that Beat of Rage came out a few years ago it was pretty cool for it’s time but it lacked moves, now we have Open Bor and it’s been a long time but they finally improved the gameplay and it’s awesome to behold. Here are the new mods for BOR which are really something imho.

Return of the Double Dragon 8.9/10

A really good remake and tribute of DD SNES, with a little bit of DDA thrown in, it even has really cool super animations.


Crime Buster 8.3/10

A really good BOR type game with good gameplay and nice graphics, can be difficult in parts.


Balance of Power 8.1/10

The graphics aren’t so good and it has a dynasty warriors thing going on (not everyone’s cup of tea) make sure you have a turbo button, but I liked it.


Battle Toads 8.2/10

Good old battletoads with some interesting additions and very cool platforming.


is that battletoads?

It sure is, it’s really cool I loved it.

But if you play only one of these mods make sure it is Return of the Double Dragon.

Thanks man for your words about my work :). Took me some time to finish it due to the engine bugs, but not it’s getting more stable. Despite its flaws and limitations you can create some good stuff with it.

Now working on DDragon in NES version, I hope to finish it on Dec. 2007.

Thanks again and Openbor is good hehe.

My pleasure MR Q you deserve every ounce of praise and respect for creating such an awesome mod!

It’s great the only thing that would make it almost perfect would be if you made the moves easier I was playing it with my 11 year old nephew and he was pretty upset that I could do most of the moves and he couldn’t. Still can’t do that bleeding hyper knee though lol and I did it on the NES DD2 easily enough, maybe I’m getting old or something it could also be my controller?

Or like a option for easy and manual like in MSH VS SF?

Also a stage select and player vs player damage would be really nice I wouldn’t care if you just added more stages moves, characters and weapons to DD Returns cause that would make it super awesome.

I also liked your other mods (DD EX and Final Fight Apoc 2nd Ed) they were quite good but DD Returns is still my favourite and a lot of other people thought so too even that Damon Caskey guy the main guy that runs Lavalit you can see for yourself in this topic:

What are your top 5 Open Bor MODS so far?

I’m sure you next one will be awesome you could look to that Obor Battletoads mod for inspiration? I loved the platforming segments of Double Dragon 2 NES, but I hope you use the DDA sprites rather? But your the boss I guess? Whatever you decide will probably be for the best and Gameplay > Graphics in my book.

So nobody cares? I thought you guys were straight edge retro hardcore? :sad:

New Mods!?

Saint Seiya Death & Rebirth by baritonomarchetto77



Golden Axe Remake 3 players YEAH!





AYAND a oldie but a goodie, it isn’t perfect but with some modding skills I was able to make it a 4 VS 4 Street Fighter Alpha with Ken. Dan, Bison, Sagat, Sakura and Akuma etc etc with most of their moves intact, crank up some mp3s and you got some serious fun on your hands. You’d have to do it yourself though I don’t know If what I’ve done is that great a modification it was really easy with Bor Unpacker tools and I suck at technical things sorta.

**Final Fight DC - alteration by MCW **




Sengoku 3 is pretty much the pinnacle of 2D beat em’ ups.

Huh? What? lol

What about Super Double Dragon, Double Dragon Advance or Crime Fighters 2 etc, they walk and poop all over Sengoku 3 at the same time imho.

Still like Senogoku 3 though it’s good but not great imho.