24mm Button question?

I wanted to get some 24mm Seimitsu clear or Sanwa clear buttons. But the main question is; I want to add an artwork inside the button. Many of the templates such as Tek-Innovation’s for instance has the button placement circles on the template but that’s just the cut out for the entire button, not the pushing part of the button. Does anyone have a solution/dimensions on how I could place the art precisely dead on the push button circumference (Excluding the whole outer shell of the button)?


Well, arthong himself for sure has it.
Because he provides the cut for both 30mm and 24mm Clear Buttons.

Oh really? I never found it on his site : / (Which is down right now ._.) But it’s not on the actual template correct?

Just carefully cut out the buttons, then place the inner plunger down in the center on the back of the circle, trace with pencil and use scissors to cut out the inner circle. If you are using lamilable, it’s probably a good idea to get your art printed again w/o lami and use that for the button art. I’m sure it’s not a big deal for the pros, but to me, it was a lot easier to cut the little circles out of plain paper. Also, this means you don’t have to worry about preserving that part of the lami when cutting the button-holes out.

I’m asking Tek to print the artworks out for me. I’m not doing it myself :slight_smile: But I need the template for the inner push button, so I can precisely put an artwork in the button.


Does anyone know where I can find clear 24mm buttons? I checked LizardLick and FocusAttack, but they’re both out of stock.

Either Sanwa or Seimitsu is fine.