2018 Winter Olympics Thread - Pyeongchang, South Korea Feb 9-25

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  • Note that North Korea will be competing, for whatever that’s worth.

Watch online here:
https://olympics.cbc.ca/index.html (Canada)
http://www.nbcolympics.com (US)

A new chapter in the Olympics is almost upon us. I’m curious to see what the interactions between N and S Korea will be like, if any.

I guess people will be looking forward to the opening ceremony, but nothing will top China’s. Not even the finest K-pop performances will do it.

Which events will you all be checking out?

North and South have marched together before.

Might check out the bobsled.

Yeah the North and the South came out together for the Athens or Sydney games.

When I flew back to Korea from the US last week there were a ton of USOC members on the flight. It’s kinda weird that the opening ceremonies are so close, yet nobody here seems hype for it. Tickets are still available for a lot of the events and cheap as fuck. If I didn’t have work, I’d def check some shit out, as it stands I still might lol

shaun white gettin perfect 10 during trials is gonna be a curse lmfao.

E-sports may become an Olympic sport http://time.com/5136962/e-sports-olympics-pyeongchang-video-games/

Not sure if it’s going to debut in this Olympics since they’ve only done trial runs like days before the main event.

I missed the opening ceremony. It aired at 6AM PST.

Remember this guy? He’s back and was still topless lol.

Professional sports is dead. Lol.
E-sports at the Olympics is like allowing special Olympics version of the National Geography Bee

Watched the womens slalom tonight at the bar, dem backflips wtf wasnt even expecting that. Also wtf are all womens winter athletes hot as hell, the bodies I can get because they constantly train but the faces too god damn. Definately my fav Olympics.

I’m still confused about this Olympic Athletes of Russia thing. Whats going on with that?

they allowed a few athlete to come through but more or less the country is banned. like when you got a whole govt saying roid everyone…you gotta semi put your foot down. even though anyone who knows anything…the ioc 90% probably knew about this shit

I wish the commentators would stop just calling them “the Russians.” They need to rub it in some more.