2018 & The Reaper

Well, you know…

Dude not even 12 hours yet.

SRK loses another poster in 2018

Jion_Wansu RIP. Diabeetus/heart related death. :sad:

Rest in pieces, 2017.

Good fucking riddance.

I’ll make the Jion_Wansu nostalgia thread.

RIP Sooners 54-48.

Why don’t we take this opportunity to do some predictions? I think it’s about time for Betty White and Jimmy Carter to finally kick the bucket. Mel Brooks is pretty old too. Also put me down for Brent Musberger out of nowhere. Finally I think Aretha Franklin and Gabourey Sidibe have a good chance lof dying of heart disease.

Betty White
Stan Lee
Clint Eastwood
Prince Phillip
Queen Elizabeth II
Bernie Sanders

y’know, Queen Elizabeth must’ve taken an immortality serum or something…what is she, 259 at this point? This broad was already an old woman when I was a little kid in the '80s…and…she’s still here today.

sheeeeit, looking up some info—she’s 91, apparently. Yes, this woman was born years before The Great Depression. haha she’s actually a bit older than when the first televisions went on sale, folks…goddamn :lol:

“Boogie” had that gastric bypass surgery, last I heard so…he might actually be ok in the near future.

Damn I thought Drizzt overdosed

Disappointed, severely disappointed.

Ian McKellen
Rowan Atkinson
Michael Moore
George Bush

Surprise ‘Fuck 2018’ candidate:
Hilary Duff

@pertho lock this

Why? Literally gets made every year. Hell it used to have pools in years before. What is your bitch ass crying about?

So will this be the dead pool thread?

Donald Trump
George Bush Sr
Kanye West

A thread made where no one has passed yet (thankfully) with niggas betting on whos gonna die

pretty sure youre the bitchass here

Jack Frost dies every year in the Spring Time.

Not even a full 2 days and I have 14 unread posts in this thread? LOOOL!

Regarding QEII… You want King Charles now???

Charles will abdicate and pass to William.

Ought to be Harry.

Can’t be Harry unless William abdicates.

I don’t think either of the boys wants the throne anyway.