2016 WORSTHOMO-SAPIEN Award goes2thisguy Waiting 10 daysAirport for ONLINE GF Which SRKer was this?!

After 10 days, this is the look of a thirsty man absolutely dehydrated.


Source 2: NickRocks

Worst Homo-Sapien excuse of a man 2015 Thread by jimmy1200:

Need a source on that.
& Total Numbers on How much he sends to Zhang like

  • a nerd who throws money at a twitch attention whore who doesn’t even read your bigass donation,
  • or a scrub buying amazon items for women to take pictures of for their twitter. Well known by how she got fired from Nintendo, only known as a person behind their twitter account.

Lol whitey got it worse than that poor blacky who went to Japan to go meet his waifu.

They both went to china

LRN2READ, Pokey.

Sucks he didn’t meet his true love and that he almost died…

But this is still hilarious.

Also when did jalopnik start posting about random shit not related to cars?? :confused:

Poor Tekno Virus.

I’m black, mama don’t teach me good readz.

That why I read SRK.

Oh yeah this deserved its own thread… I’m genuinely fascinated with how insane this story is. There’s many layers to the madness in this situation here, folks. I’m guessing he neglected the whole “eating and drinking” thing…it’s only that simple little thing that we have to do to continue living. This guy, man…holy shit :rofl:

A great bonus to the situation is that it being covered in the media now adds some humiliation to the mix. Now…not only does he learn a few very harsh lessons of life here… the whole situation is exposed in the media so everyone knows about it…so naturally that magnifies the painful regret even further. This is quality entertainment, folks… this is outstanding. :clap:

Worst Homo-Sapien
excuse of a man
2015 Thread by jimmy1200:

But you were giving it to the other guy as “blacky” as if you were not! You obviously weren’t talking about a cat roaming the city in a PS2 RPG, also named Blacky, that only I would know about. I forgot if the white cat nearby was named whitey, probably not…

See above for better readability. I guess I missed that with formatting it up and it kinda bundled together with the underlines under SRK BLACK, for best readability most times, except how links don’t turn blue.

However, I will not truncate the link anymore to just the important first 5 words of:

I cant stop laughing at how obviously fake zhangs “photo” is

Anyone who has to go to China, to hook up with a Chinese internet bride…


If she ain’t accepting your ticket to Murika…

…it’s YOU.


Hey it could’ve been worse. He could’ve actually met her and found out it was a dude.

Somehow I don’t think he’d have a problem with that.

Damn Steve Buscemi looking ate the fuck up.

No but for reals, the dutch are like the worst parts of the Scandinavians and the worst part of germany and their shit neighbors combined. It’s like when goku and vegeta did fusion and vegeta refused to stick out his fingers. Except instead of it being two cool halves making a shitty whole, its just shit being piled upon shit.



Still got waifu tho :tup:

#worldwide #popped collar #Ronald McDonald Benches Get more play.

This is why I opt to download or print out my 2D girlfriend. They don’t have to worry about jet lag, delayed shipping, or anything.

There’s much easier and cheaper ways to get dem azn gurls. This guy gets what he deserves. He reached the Event Horizon of thirst.


Tekno ready 2 Sneak + KING


Dander be like