2016 Summer Olympics Thread - Live from Rio de Janeiro!

Official site: https://www.rio2016.com/en

CBC: http://olympics.cbc.ca/index.html

NBC: http://www.nbcolympics.com/

Opening ceremony (live as of this writing): http://olympics.cbc.ca/video/live/2016-rio-olympic-games-opening-ceremony-27681.html

Sadly, I missed over an hour of the opening ceremony. Nothing will beat China’s, but I wanted to see the spectacle.

So when will MvC2 be at the olympics :wonder:

Dem Romanian women… :wow:


That sculpture behind the flame is sick.

Dat glisten. :rofl:


That Tongan flag bearer probably getting mad pussy tonight after that display.

EDIT: Apparently NBC had a tape delay of the opening ceremony that annoyed some people.

Fuck! i missed the opening!

Cant wait for track
well mostly my event the 400 as thats the most competitive

I wish they had Karate as an event. Taekwondo’s cool, but Karate is more my thing since I know it.

How come LeBron ain’t on the men’s team?

cause if the us was truly the world ruler of basketball they would just have a new cast of players every olymipics develop and win the gold

lebron already got his gold
that and hes logged in too many minutes this season
a rest is needed

I think Carmen Sandiego is in charge of these Olympic games.

Wheres the hot olympics girls thread?

you’ll cowards don’t even

surprised Carmelo is there. Don’t remember if he’s been to all of them since him and LeBron at like 18-19 were on the 2004 LEBRONZE. My grandma saw him for 1 second during the marching opening ceremony and said: OH basketball? They gave way more screentime to boring ass Kyrie and the announcer went “back to see if it was him?! OMG”

And a saudi all white robe and hat guy tried to sneak into a picture with some USA athletes and said HEYYYYY with them in unison, but they took their pic, without him and ignored him, haha

This fool didn’t know what the Olympic Village was? SEX CAULDRON

2 weeks, so = Missing the Whole Olympics like any jerk ass in Vegas would be arrested say on Friday night or thru the weekend and be held until a Monday court hearing some EVO thread around that section mentioned once in a guide.


Lol, first gold medal went to the U.S. for… shooting.


that chick from Italy that killed it in swimming needs to be checked. I legit thought that was a dude

Someone tried to jack a 60 year old Russian diplomat in Rio, things didn’t turn out to well for him…

Women’s gymnastics happening right now: http://olympics.cbc.ca/video/live/artistic-gymnastics-aug-women-qualification.html