2016-2017 NHL Thread - Viva Las Vegas!

Draft is coming!

Also… Stay free Kane.


Dammit Evander… What is it with trouble and any hockey player with the last name Kane? Also, why do I get the feeling that Stamkos is about to bounce?


Go Hawks…

C’Mon, Ovie. Get a ring. It would be half of what Crosby has now.

As a Vegas native, I approve of the thread title

Man…this gamble.

I don’t care as long as the 'Canes win the cup.

Elliot got traded to Flames. I guess Calgary finally got a good goalie…

I’m thinking it’s a retool for another cup run in the 2017-2018 season

Even when Oilers lose the lottery draft, they still win.

So this just showed up at work…



Greatest trophy in all of sports.


I take it you heard about the Devils getting Hall…

Edit: Aaaaaaand the Habs just traded Subban to the Predators for Old Man Weber. #lolhabs

Lawls Canadia…

So no Canada in next year’s playoffs too?

I can’t even fathom the habs trading a franchise player like subban. It’s like Canada doesn’t care about the NHL.

Pretty much. As a Habs fan, I’m floored. With Price injured, he was the face of the franchise, and he loved the city. He donated 10 million dollars to Montreal’s Children’s Hospital for cryin’ out loud. I’d love to know the real reason behind the trade, because if it was Therrien’s misgivings about him, I’d be pissed.

Yes, Subban made mistakes that cost us games here and there, but there’s no denying he’s polarizing, exciting to watch, and can really come up big when he’s got his head on straight. Gonna miss having him on the team. I hope Weber is really worth it. We need to make the playoffs this season…

Therrien hates blacks. Only reason why the Subban trade was made.

I mean, the WORST Subban can do is turnover the puck and get a stupid penalty here and there, but if I were a coach, I would take PK on any one-on-one matchup with any forward in the league with confidence as opposed to Weber who got smoked like a blunt by old Joe Thornton and others almost every time there was open ice on the rush. Four or five years ago, I would’ve applauded this move, but after seeing Weber lose a couple of steps in the playoffs, LOLHABS.