2014 steam info? and other questions?

Is there somewhere I can find info about the new steam update?(AE 2014)

Are we now on the new ‘delay’ system? (I heard that there’s some new system in USF4 called delay)

Just bought the steam version on Arcade edition 24 hours ago now. I used to have SSFIV and sf4 on ps3 but I was really bad and still am pretty bad, but I see improvement.

Played a lot of matches in the first day. Had a lot of trouble against 3k-4k players and specific characters like Claw, Abel… My grabs and grab techs are non-existent so far need more time working on those and perfecting long combos.

Also the “Waiting for other players” issue… It happened to me on a few people. But it wasn’t always region related I fought people in UK(from USA) with gameplay that looked like 60fps and no “waiting for players”. Can’t verify for sure but when the game tests on volcano stage with graphics maxed its running above 120fps.

Or does it mean they have a 2005 computer? or something wasn’t really sure.

Thanks, if you read this :). It’s pretty lazy half of this stuff I could find if I spent the time looking for it.

Yes they messed with the Street Fighter 4 netcode, and that annoying “waiting for players” message was just added. I recommend you only play people with green bars, that way there’s no chance that the message will pop up. Or maybe that’s just me, i had it up to here with yellow bars now, before they were always playable, but after this update… That “waiting for players” message has almost nothing to do with the graphical capabilities of their PC.

v2014 is the same as v2012, just ignore it. They just finished taking the game off the Games For Windows Live, in order to transition the game over to steam works, and prepare it for the Ultra SF4 DLC coming soon.