2013 Baseball Thread: ARod vs the MLB

A new season begins…still rooting for the White Sox.

Jason Verlander must have been talking to Romo and Flacco.

Fuck the Tigers…but I think he’s earned it.

In honor of the season opening tonight, I present you with a sight you will not see again at all during this season, courtesy of Yahoo:

[details=Spoiler]The Miami Marlins on top of the NL East.



Great year to be a fan of any AL East team. Nobody has any idea wtf is going to happen.

Who is Jason Verlander?

Also, G-G-G-GIANTS are going to crush the Dodgers.

Duck the Fodgers.

Looks like the Giants got bent over and fucked, starting with Kershaw hitting that home run yesterday.

Darvish not getting the perfect game got me so tight. I’m not even a Rangers fan or of any team in the AL.

Don’t worry King Felix will have a shot at the Astros this year.

man the yankees look so trash this year

but i feel like they look awful at the beginning of EVERY year.

Kuroda out in the 2nd takes a ball off his hand. Can’t start losing pitchers on top of all this other shit. If we lose pitchers, AND A-Rod comes back and makes us even worse again, Yankees could easily finish 4th or 5th in this current AL East.

Not freaking out about the actual performance in one and less than a half games though. Long season.




i gotta get me a taiwanese manny jersey

We(mets) just lost to the marlins…this is going to be a loong season.

Going to be fun dealing with the media and overhyped fans in Toronto. I’m taking a wait and see approach.

Just enjoy that your team, and every other team in your division, all have a LEGIT chance to finish first. That’s worth getting excited over.

Yeah I agree with what you said. I was really young when the Jays won back to back and didn’t follow baseball then. I grew up watching 1 losing team after another so I am excited that this team has a shot at the playoffs. It just upsets me when the media and fans starts to panic when its this early in the season.

If the beginning of the season was the end all of where a team will wind up, Sabathia and Texieria would be career AAA ball players. No words for how badly they suck in April.

Agree 100% hopefully my yankees can turn it around. we looking like trash lately

Mariners lost 2 of 3 to the Astros. This makes the Ms the only team so far the Astros have a winning record against.

Last place, here we come!

Uh… go Braves!

[Proceeds to never watch a Braves game]

Yay Angels.

Fuck the Dodgers.

LOL Cleveland so bad at existence, their club gets blown out by 13 runs, then just gets the rest of the series rained out.

Ohio should just stop being a real thing, at some point. Just sink into the earth.