2012 Japan Thread. . . (We are still here!)

First, I closed the last Japan thread because it had been up for almost 2 years and I know that there are some new srk members living in Japan now. So think of this thread as a new place to meet SRKers who live in or have an interest in Japan. This thread is for the hardcore and casual players alike but non-gamers are welcome too. Feel free to post here but please follow the srk posting guidelines. Oh and Happy NewYear!

This is the New 2012 Japan Thread. Feel free to ask any site appropriate questions, post news or talk about things relevant to Japan on this thread.

Thread Purpose: Seeing that Japan is such a broad topic. It?s going to be a big chore to keep this thread on track. So I have decided to try and use the first post as a reference link point for important posts with information like: Travel, Food, Education, Language, Gaming, Entertainment, Drinking, Living Cost, Lifestyles, Girls so on and so forth. So if you see something useful that someone might find useful later. Please PM or contact me via FB or Twitter and I’ll put your link up here.

[]How to get around in Tokyo by Train
]Saturday 01/14: FINALROUNDBATS08//Happy New Year! Video Game, Pizza & Beer!

I got 3 months left. Damn.

Though a friend of mine kinda offered me a job at his company, but I still have to go back and work for 5 years before I can come back.

Well then let’s go hard these last 3 months scrub!

FRB09 Pre-Registration is up and running.Here is the FRB09 event page on FB and please follow us on twitter at @FRBJapan.

I am still here. :stuck_out_tongue: Work has been busy and I haven’t had the motivation to post for a while, but I’ll pop up if pinged… like wintermute. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s good Reno?! Glad to know you are alive and well.

the last thread was basically the most unhelpful thread ever when it came to asking things about japan before i went.

Sorry about that…Did you use the Wintermute and Reno summon spell?! But on the real FB/Twitter killed that thread midway (IMO) but this time I’ll try to be a bit better about it.

Now did anyone see this coming like I did.
Japan Gov. Bails On The 10,000 Free Flights Deal.

haha yeah when i first saw it back then, i was like, sweet… but wait… no way.

doesnt make sense lol

close thread please!

hmm… the other Japan thread is here… has all the links for ScottPopular’s stuff too…

did you read the first post of his thread?

Even though, this thread came first. IparryU’s Japan Thread has much better up keep.
Can I get a MOD in here to close up shop?!

Just let it die…

I was actually planning to go live and work in japan for a few years ever since I decided my major and return with all the experience in the US.

I’ll get back to you all.

dude, post all your blog, FRB info cause I have a post dedicated to your stuffs.