2012-2013 NFL Discussion and Fantasy - TornadoFlame vs Travis - The rest of you are bandwagoners

With the draft done, it’s pretty much next season. You know the routine.

Yep…go Bears!

Demarcus Ware says, “Welcome to Jerry World.”

Lets go Lions!!! Megatron up in this bitch until the madden curse gets him

Very much looking forward to seeing how the new crop of QBs do this season, can’t wait!

Dontari Poe era begins now. Commish already knows what’s up.


Let’s go Texans let’s go Lions.

Eagles fans, REPRESENT!

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN singing:

On the road to vic-tor-yyyyyyy
Score a touchdown 1-2-3…
Hit em loooooooow…
Hit em Hiiiiiiiigh…
And watch our Eagles flyyyyyy.
Flyyyyy Eagles, FLYYYYYYY
On the road to VIC-TOR-YYYYYY

I know I say this every year so time to dilute it even more, Cowboys Super Bowl Champs!

[LEFT]Drink with the stars[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Get thrown in the mix[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And get tossed outta bars[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Sift to Tiajuana[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I want to rome[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Find motown telephones and come back home[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Start an escort service for all the right reasons[/LEFT]

[LEFT]And set up shop at the top of four seasons[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Kid Rock and I’m the Real Mccoy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And I’m headed out west sucker 'cause I want to be a[/LEFT]

[LEFT]With the top let down and the sunshine shinin’[/LEFT]
[LEFT]West Coast Chillin’ while the boone’s whinen[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I want to be a Cowboy!Baby![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ride At night cause I sleep all day![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cowboy!Baby/I can smell a pig from a mile away[/LEFT]

[LEFT][Kid Rock][/LEFT]
[LEFT]I bet you’ll hear my whistle blowin when my train rolls in[/LEFT]
[LEFT]It goes"hooy-hooy-hooy" Like dust in the wind[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Stoned pimp, stoned brew, stoned out of my mind[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I once was lost but now I’m just blind[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Palm trees and weed[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Scabbed knees and rice[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Get a map to the stars[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Find heidi flice[/LEFT]

[LEFT]And if the price is right[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Then I’m gonna make my bid[/LEFT]
[LEFT]And let Californi-A[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Know why they call me[/LEFT]


[LEFT][Kid Rock][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Kid Rock You can call me Tex[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rollin’ sunset women with a bootle of becks[/LEFT]
[LEFT]See a slimy in a vette Roll down my glass[/LEFT]

[LEFT]And said “Yeah this **** fits right in yo ***”[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No kiddin’, gun slingin’, spurs hittin’ the floor[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Call me hoss,I’m the boss,with the sauce,and the horse[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No remorse for the sheriff and his eye ain’t right[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I’m a paint his town red Then I’m a’ paint his wife white[/LEFT]
[LEFT]'Cause chaos Rock like Amedeus[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Got west coast ***** for my Detroit playas[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mack like mayors ball like lakers[/LEFT]

[LEFT]They told us to leave but bet they couldn’t make us[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Why they want to pick on me[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lock me up and throw away my key[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I ain’t no cheat I’m just a regular failure[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I’m not straight out a’ compton I’m straight out the trailer[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cuss like a sailor Drink like a mick[/LEFT]
[LEFT]My only words of wisdom are just suck my ****[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I’m takin’ my pick[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Up and down that and keep on truckin’[/LEFT]
[LEFT]'Til I fall in the ocean[/LEFT]

That’s not the Dallas Cowboys fight song. That’s just a stupid song about random cowboys!

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Stupid Dallas Cowboys. HATE EM!

Here’s to the Orange Crush.

Ain’t going 8-8 this year!

This post gets the stamp of approval. We even have a wide receiver now.

Postin cuz hittin subscribe is too hard, also I am sad to root for an Al Davisless Raiders team this year

gmen all day.

anyway, did kenny turner get drafted…? i saw the espn story the other day and was curious. haven’t been able to catch much of the draft, unfortunately.

Instead its run by Harry from Dumb and Dumber.

From the info I have, I really like what the Eagles did in the draft. Wish we could’ve gotten that safety Barron, but picking up the best DT in the draft and apparently an awesome LB ain’t too shabby.

Texans going deep again in the playoffs!!
And all the Cowgirl fans will hop on the bandwagon, once Romo & the 'boys fuck it up in December.

Lets go bears!!! Cutler is gonna go off this season. Our offence has gotten much better this offseason just stay healthy plz.

Registering early as a Lions fan so I don’t get some retarded accusation of joining a band wagon. Lol at joining a Lions bandwagon. Stupidest thing from the other thread.