2011 Fall FX thread... The sleeper network

So… this thread is about the FX channel and all the goodies they got
Mainly I watch the shows, but they often show DvDs on TV and recently added NFL along side a some classic modern sitcoms.
FX feels like a Spike TV but instead of fart jokes, its the time you got really drunk and did something bad…
(3rd season) New Sons of Anarchy (we a motorcycle club) is pretty sweet… already shat myself in the first ep…
and the 2nd ep Im not sure who Johnny is, or his role, so it was hard to relate
and Danny Machete Trejo is in as a Mexican Cartel. lol, Let it begiinn!!!

Setpember 15, 2011… ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILLY RETURNS!!! Followed by an all new ARCHER!!

awwwww… lmao