2010 SRK GD Awards- Worst New Member

Alright guys, this is the last category. Voting will close in 2 days on this one, as I don’t wanna drag this out anymore.

Anyone with a brain will see there are, in reality, two choices to this nomination. Juri Han is like a female counterpart to our very own Sensei Rozou, worthy of P. Gorath’s flames but otherwise no biggie. In terms of irritance and annoyance the clear winner is Torrie. Bonus points awarded for not even being funny and having that lame ass avatar.

awards season always goes by too fast.

I’m going to read my older posts now, maybe i’ll understand this a little bit better.

I was gonna say CLU2 almost made it three. I nominated him because he was irritating to me at first, then of course no one knew who he was, so I assumed some random 10er. What made me upset was he then went on to PM me a ton of messages crying about why I nominated him for worst new member :rofl:

Either way CLU2 is alright with me, now that I know who he is…

Those PMs were still annoying :mad:

I dunno about that. It seemed like people weren’t interested and couldn’t wait on it to be over. Most of the threads didn’t even get a lot of votes.

thats cuz the polls were confusing…they’d be all over the place, and only showed up on the first page if somebody posted in them
they should have been stickied for a week or something, or done differently

Haha yeah, I actually forgot these threads were bein made

How far do you look through the pages to find the threads? That sounds more like your fault dude…

Besides, the nomination thread had all the categories hyperlinked to the appropriate thread, so really there was no excuse. The only thing that* maybe *might have made sense would have been to sticky that thread.

The format was the same it’s always been. It’s not at fault. People just stopped caring.

That’s pretty much the conclusion I came to as well.

This year we’ll get a better start on it and vote come early 2012.

Next year people will be begging for you to start the awards with their list for worst new member and most owned. All from February of course.

Hmm, so far it’s been the following.

Purple font, There’s even a thread about it.

Wrestling thread > “John Cena ftw, dont like Miz or Nexus” + Other related WWE opinions.

Last thing would be random opinions like not liking Armor Lock or mega hype Sonic Colors.

In other news, it might snow today.

I guess Juri’s got this one. As dumb as some of her posts were though, I still think justice dictates Torrie gets the award. I cringed everytime I read that shit. Some of the worst trolling I have ever seen.

I really think you guys are over exaggerating, maybe i’m just a noob to how the fighting game community rolls.
Or perhaps, the SRK fighting game community.

Just because of this he has my vote :lol:

Not even that, just GD. It’s the handle that sets the tone, then the purple font at the time cemented it. You could’ve written masterpiece threads and we wouldn’t have seen past those two things. Just roll with it these aren’t serious and in a couple months we’ll all forget about these anyway.