2009 SRK GD Awards: The People's Mod

Who is the great one and has the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of fans to cheer them on. IE whos dick do you ride the most.

As always original thread here


I would like to point out that in '09 I banned both Hatz87 & PapaRhino.


EDIT: Pssst, I’m quiche.

We went over this. Paparhino was a joint effort.

I say Valaris this year, the man’s worked his ass off.

Shit just now read quiche’s post, ah well too late both good picks :rofl:

And yet he’s still here…

Joint effort? You must be smoking a joint.

I’m the one who issued the ban. You’re like a woman claiming that you “loosened the jar for me” so you don’t feel bad when I can open what you couldn’t.



That was in '09. Sadly, good things don’t last.

…and they both returned a week later. Cool ban, bro.

Also, proof that Pryde is a skrull is the fact that he is on the poll twice.


You’re completely whack with your jar analogy. it don’t work for it. This is the President and vice president who both have to put it their key. You couldn’t have opened the jar by yourself. 2 point infraction wouldn’t have opened it. You needed the infraction I gave him as well as my linking you his post for you to ban.

Stop fronting and hogging the glory, you’re just ashamed you needed the help from a frog.

Polls are being fucked up, I only put him in there once.

Polls are being fucked up, I only put him in there once.

PapaRhino could survive an SRK holocaust.

I’ll let the implication stand.


Muy clever, seor.


No love for Sano?

Comic book nerds are ignored even on video game forums now… Instead, Pryde hacked his way into the polls twice. I’m surprised all the poll options aren’t Mr. Wizard. :rofl:


i had to vote Quiche. he friended me.

but Valaris replies to my PMs… THIS WAS A HARD ONE THAT WHAT SHE SAID :SAD:

another poll …seriously? Voted Quiche!

Valaris gets it just for taking the time to organize SRK Secret Santa.

We have yet to begin to poll. Trying to get these finished since they are like a month behind.

Valaris is a French-Canadian who hates music and loves having things shoved up his butthole.

…don’t vote for that.


Really? you didn’t wait a page before going for the slander? I expected more from you man.

I mean, the butt and music thing I’ll take but did you really have to go for racist insults right away?

Voted for Val, BECAUSE of that.

Get owned.